Complete Guide to Buying Second Hand TVS In Bangalore

 Complete Guide to Buying Second Hand TVS In Bangalore

The Indian two-wheeler market is undoubtedly one of the biggest in the world and that is why two-wheeler companies are always competing to get the most customers. However, the market and demand for second-hand two-wheelers are also fairly high in India.

In busy metro cities like Bangalore you always have to be worried about the traffic while going to the office or for work. A lot of people prefer purchasing second hand TVS in Bangalore because they have to reach their office or workplace in time.

Second-hand TVS are more affordable while providing the same amount of mileage.

Reason to opt for a second hand TVS in Bangalore

You cannot solely rely on public transport because they maintain a particular routine and you may become late if you happen to miss the bus or metro. More importantly, those who work as food, grocery, and eCommerce store delivery executives have to reach and deliver the products on time and second hand TVS in Bangalore is the best option for all of these people.

If you are wondering why a second hand TVS in Bangalore can be a good option for you then read on to explore the reasons behind the same. Purchasing a two-wheeler or bike asks for a significant amount of investment and not everyone can afford to buy a new bike. Secondhand TVS is more affordable while it can also provide better mileage at half the bike’s original price.

While traveling through the roads of Bangalore you won’t have to worry about reaching your destination or office in time because a bike can help you reach your destination faster than public transport. Furthermore, you won’t have to spend too much money on your insurance premium or fuel to use a second hand TVS in Bangalore.

In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need before purchasing a second hand TVS in Bangalore.

Perform a thorough examination before purchasing the TVS bike

Before purchasing a second hand TVS bike, as a buyer, you need to be aware of a lot of things. For starters, you should look out for scratches, scuffs, flaws in the body paint, rust, collision with the indicator, etc. These are just the outer part of the bike.

To inspect the engine, wheels, brakes, suspension, etc, you should bring along an expert with you who can scrutinize those specific details. Also check for leaks in fuel tanks, cables, condition of the chains, etc.

There is also paperwork related to the bike that you need to verify. You can skip all of these tiresome and time-consuming processes if you purchase a second-hand TVS bike directly from a second-hand online bike selling platforms.

Let us discuss all the things you need to check before finalizing the purchase.

Do your research before checking out the bike

You need to conduct your research before you go to the individual seller or dealer to check out the second hand TVS in Bangalore. If you know the model number then you should check the bike’s current market value, user reviews, and other specific details and all of this will surely help you in the negotiation process.

Ask for a test drive

You can get to know more about the used two-wheeler if you ride it by yourself. You can also bring an expert with you who can provide you with more detailed insight into the bike.

Meanwhile, you should ask for a test ride from the dealer or individual seller. This way you will be able to understand the mileage, performance, and speed of the bike. You can also check its brake, indicators, headlights, fuel tank, tires, etc. while you are at it.

Scan the VIN of the two-wheeler

Every vehicle including the two-wheelers has a VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. It is a unique serial number issued to every vehicle and it can also help find out about the legitimacy of the second hand TVS in Bangalore. You can find this number on the steering neck of the two-wheeler.

Check the papers and service records

Another important thing to check before purchasing a second hand TVS in Bangalore is the service record. You can ask for the service record from the dealer or individual seller to check how many times the two-wheeler has been serviced and the purpose of those services.

Similarly, it is also necessary to check the original invoice, RC book, the validity of the bike insurance, warranty, pollution certificate, etc. before you finalize the deal.

You can easily purchase a second-hand bike from online bike selling platform and receive a one-year warranty.

Know about the transfer of bike ownership

If you have already found a second hand TVS in Bangalore that you are willing to purchase then you should be aware of how to transfer the ownership of the bike (without which your purchase will be incomplete).

To transfer the ownership of the bike you will have to apply in the same RTO where the bike was registered from. The next step is to visit the Directorate of Transport office and submit Form 29 and Form 30. In this case, you will also have to submit other documents with the form. The list of the documents includes:

  • Address proof of the seller
  • RC
  • Tax receipts (already paid)
  • Insurance copy
  • Three passport-size photographs of the buyer and seller
  • Emission test certificate

After successfully submitting all the documents and completing the verification process the ownership of the bike will be transferred to the buyer within 14 days.

To conclude

After going through the details, if you are interested in purchasing a second hand TVS in Bangalore then you should visit Beepkart. It is an online second-hand two-wheeler selling platform where you can easily purchase an affordable second-hand bike without going through so much hassle.

To make things easier for the customers like you Beepkart already performs a meticulous examination of the two-wheeler. Moreover, the bikes also go through a quality check before the customer takes them home. Lastly, the most beneficial factor of purchasing a bike through an online used bike-selling platform is that you can avail a one-year warranty and 3 free services on your two-wheeler.

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