Why Do Clogged Drains Require Immediate Attention?

 Why Do Clogged Drains Require Immediate Attention?

Nothing can be more annoying than a blocked drain. Waiting for the water to seep and yet seeing residue in the sink is the worst thing ever. Still, we choose to ignore the signs until the drains block completely, causing us a major inconvenience. Even worse, we try some DIY techniques for a temporary solution and land in the same situation within days.

Unclogging Blocked Drains in Clayton or elsewhere is a plumber’s job, and one can get long-lasting results only when a specialised plumber attends to the problem. However, the key to getting the repairs done without causing any other significant damage is to act once you think there is a blockage in the drain.

Signs That Your Drain Is About to Clog

Before a complete blockage, the drains send a few signals so we can act in time. These signs are evident, and we can quickly recognise these to call upon the best-blocked drains specialist in Clayton to treat the problem before it becomes disastrous . Here are a few signs that convey your drain requires professional attention-

Water Flows Slowly: If you notice that the water is seeping slowly through the drain, it may be due to blockage. As we know, blocked drains in Clayton aren’t a sudden incident but a slow build-up of residue in the pipe that reduces its diameter, eventually letting less water flow through it. Hence, if water flows slowly, a slight blockage may  lead to a fully-clogged drain.

Foul Odours: As the cooking oil, fat, food particles, soap scum, tissues and other debris stick inside the drain, they rot and spread a weird smell. If you notice this smell while passing by the drain, it’s time to act and let the best-blocked drains specialist in Clayton come and check the issue before it worsens.

Noises From the Pipes: When the water struggles to pass through pipes, there is a clattering sound. If you hear a noise near the pipeline or between the walls, know that a build-up is blocking the flow of water through the pipes.

Why Should You Immediately Call the Plumber to Repair Blocked Drains?

Mentioned above are the tell-tale signs of Blocked Drains in Clayton or elsewhere. However, have you wondered what happens when we ignore these signs or try to unclog the drains through DIYs? Below is what happens when you leave a blocked drain unattended for a long time-

Leaks Throughout the Pipeline

Due to blockage, pressure will rise inside the pipeline, leading to small leaks in the joints and other parts. Leakage is an after-effect of prolonged blockage, so it happens when the blocked drain isn’t attended to for a long time. With leakage, you will witness tiny spouts of water throughout the house, and there is a massive risk of tripping over.

Only a plumber can help prevent such a situation by providing timely solutions and dislodging the pipeline without leading to leaks.

Blocked Drains Are Risky

There are two major aftermaths of a clogged drain. First, you may land in a messy situation if the pipeline bursts. Secondly, irreparable leaks throughout the connection may force you to replace the entire pipeline and plumbing at home.

If you want to avoid such a situation, it’s better to evaluate the drains in the initial stage and ask a plumber to repair the blocked drains in Clayton or elsewhere.

Risk of Pest Infestation

Debris attracts pests. The food residue, oil and other forms of dirt will invite pests, and they shall make the blocked drain their home. Since these multiply at lightning speeds, you shall witness them throughout the house becoming a nuisance and causing illness, especially to babies and pets.

Only an experienced and professional plumber can remove the debris from the drain and eliminate the chances of pest infestation in the house.

Water May Expel From Different Drains

Apart from pest infestation, there can be other hygiene-related concerns due to drain blockage. One is water expelling through other drains due to increased pressure. When a drain blocks due to debris, the water cannot seep easily, and it may expel through other passages. Thereby, you may witness water seepage from all the drains in the house, leading to puddles. Since it’s dirty water, it will cause diseases.

Can DIY Help to Unclog the Drains?

There are many DIY solutions to dislodge the blocks in the drain. Baking soda and vinegar solution is one of the most common DIY techniques that evade the problem for a short duration. However, plumbers advise against it since both these materials can cause harm to the pipes and distort them gradually. Similarly, pouring hot water is an effective solution but requires expertise since there is a danger of the pipeline melting due to the high-temperature.

Many also swear by a plunger, but all it does is push back the debris rather than remove it, so after a few days, the blockage issue crops up again. Therefore, DIY isn’t a wise choice when dealing with blocked drains in Clayton or elsewhere.

To Sum Up

Blocked drains require specialist attention that too as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the aftermath can be tormenting, and repairs will be costly.

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