10 Best Indian Sarees to Gift your Mother

 10 Best Indian Sarees to Gift your Mother

There’s no denying that we Indian ladies like our traditional attire, particularly wearing the Indian sarees. When we were young, we used to wear our mother’s saree. And we all remember how thrilling it was! The Indian Saree business is unquestionably the most beautiful and the most traditional symbol of India.

When you purchase a Handloom item from India, you will undoubtedly feel deeply connected to your culture and customs. The handloom industry transports us back to our homeland. The amount of time and emotion that the weavers put into each piece of cloth is incredible. And, of course, there’s the love that goes into a cloth that’s woven and spun by hand.

what would be a better gift to make your mom happy

Now that we are all grown up, what would be a better gift to make your mom happy other than an Indian Saree? A piece of Handloom can therefore act as a token of love from you to your mother. Nothing says “exclusive” or “elegant” like the smooth swish of beautiful silks or the comfort of handwoven cotton. Nature’s most magnificent woven cloth is also simple to wear and care for. Plus, there are so many different varieties of Indian Sarees to pick from these days.

Go for a luxurious Paithani Saree in a bright shade ,This timeless classic is sure to please your mother! You may pick from a whole range of tones and shades from the Exclusive Paithani Sarees in India. Bright base colored silks with contrasting shade is woven patterns with zari borders, as well as cotton-silk mixes with oblique patterns, which are ideal for summer. The best Paithani Sarees in India made with of the best quality silk which you can understand by the touch and feel of them.

Banarasi silk sarees are among the most beautiful and traditional sarees you will ever see. It is one of the most popular traditional dresses among ladies all around the country for a reason. If you’re buying something for your mom you can go for a glistening Banarasi in a yellow shade, it’s an absolute must-have which can go in for any Indian Occasion.

Image source: https://www.sareeka.com/green-and-red-print-bandhani-saree-194798.html

While Bandhani fabric is commonly used to make jackets, dupattas, chaniya cholis, turbans, and purses, the saree remains the most popular Bandhani outfit. A Bandhani saree with its exquisite patterns makes it a perfect fit for any Indian pujas and festivities. Find this glamorous saree in the shade of red and green for your mother and she will be the talk of the town.

If your mom has a taste for classic shades like grey or a blue you can find her a banarasi.The pure Banarasi Silk in these subdued shades is a show-stopper, with outstanding finishing, basic blouse pattern, and unique borders. To complete the look, add oxidized big earrings and a matching neckpiece. With a beautiful hairdo and little makeup, this will be your mother’s best appearance yet.

Traditional designs and materials  preferre by women of a specific age and experience. Classic traditionals like the Madhubani painted Sarees are loved by even the most fashion-forward ladies because they are timeless. So, you can go for a silk saree with the alluring Madhubani painting which will not only be a unique choice but will also give your mom an eccentric look.

Even ancient Indian literary works extol the virtues of wearing a silk saree. This Real Kota tissue saree with silver zari and meenakari parrot with flower design would be appropriate for any season or event. Every woman’s closet trunk has at least one piece of Kota or Dupion or any other six yards of opulent silk!

Pochampally of Andhra Pradesh is known for its unique double ikat saree patterns. Odisha Sambalpuri and Bomkai Handlooms each have their distinct variation. This wonderful masterpiece in silk in double ikat has become an object that matches an individual work of art due to its history, skill, and aura.

The question of what to give your mother for their next birthday is one that constantly bugging the males. One of the nicest presents you can offer to your mom is a Meenakari work saree.

This saree particularly with just meenakari work at the borders makes the whole saree elegant because of the use of distinctive colors like grey and yellow.  It makes for a unique gifting experience, whether it’s for their birthday or mother’s day. Furthermore, the best part is that they will definitely adore and treasure their present by feeling beautiful in the decorous attire.

Batik prints are eye-catching for their stunning white motifs on multicolored cloth, and they are original and unique. Batik sarees are one-of-a-kind, decorative, and appealing, and would any woman look beautiful. So buying a batik printed saree would be the best idea for your mom’s wardrobe.

When it comes to completing your Mom’s present hamper, safe bets are a golden silk Paithani saree with minimal zari borders.  The contrasting oblique colorful patterns bring a novel and charming look. A  Paithani Sarees are long-lasting and extremely flexible, making them ideal for all moms, whether conservative or trend-conscious.

Traditional styles, colors, materials, and patterns may be worn for years and fashioned in a variety of ways for a variety of events. So instead of picking a trendy georgette or net saree for your mom, pick a more traditional, tried-and-true sari type for your mothers, such as Paithani, or a Banarasi or any other handloom sarees like Pochampally, or Sambhalpuri Ikats, and so on. They are more pricey, but they will last a long time!

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