10 Best Metaverse Projects to Invest In for November 2022

 10 Best Metaverse Projects to Invest In for November 2022

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The Metaverse gives users control over building, developing, and exploring a virtual world without restrictions. The Metaverse concept has great potential and caught the attention of many industries outside the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology sectors. Many VC investors are putting billions of dollars into the best metaverse crypto and gaming projects. For example, Sony invested $1 billion in the Metaverse in the first quarter of 2022 along with Epic Games – two video game giants known for the PlayStation and Fortnite series.

The Evolution of the Metaverse

The Metaverse crypto is an online environment where social interactions are becoming increasingly multidimensional. It is driving us to communicate and connect with others in unconventional ways. According to a recent study, the global metaverse market will grow by up to 40% over the next eight years. Its value will exceed $600 billion. For this reason, it is worth knowing that the Metaverse will grow in the current year. 

Top Metaverse Projects For November 2022

According to an analysis of April by blockchain analytics firm DappRadar, blockchain gaming activity has grown by 2000% in the last year. We took a close look at existing and future Metaverse projects. Here’s a beginner’s guide for those new to the Metaverse arena.

XANA Metaverse

XANA is a best metaverse crypto project known to many participants. It offers the opportunity to buy virtual land for millions of dollars! In this Metaverse, you can buy your favorite brands, play games, participate in events, meet new people, build new business projects, and have a great time.

All the operations are very realistic and have an interesting atmosphere. For these reasons, XANA Metaverse remains one of the best projects of its kind. Companies that join the project have many options. They can create many of their configurations, avatars, markets, digital infrastructures, and applications. XETA cryptocurrency supports living in the virtual world; users can purchase it on the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Interestingly, XANA is also a good place for marketing as it helps to promote and advertise many products. It is almost certain that the platform will continue to grow in 2022, as it has been very successful.

Axie Infinity

It is a metaverse yet a game played by millions of people worldwide! The concept is based on cute animals. When you play Axie, you can earn money. Ethereum – the technology used to develop the game allows using cryptocurrencies in the form of Axie AXS and SLP. Each cryptocurrency has different functionality. It is worth noting that AXS was among the top cryptocurrencies in the Metaverse and its value increased by about 200% year-on-year in 2021 alone. SLP tokens are also known as tokens of affection. They can be obtained as rewards in battle or adventure mode. As interest in the game increases, the value of cryptocurrency and tokens continues to rise. The ease with which revenue can be earned and transferred to cryptocurrency exchanges improves the project’s financial situation.


The project has partnered with Wolf Digital World (WDW). This world uses 3D technology and combines physical and virtual experiences. This platform involves the creation of surreal digital clones that users can customize and use in many Metaverse crypto events. The result is that each 3D avatar has realistic body shapes and faces, resulting in an exceptional visual experience. An interesting feature is the provision of a scanner for one’s body and the removal of these scans by NFT! Players can recruit new members and trade NFT with them. Settlements are founded based on the Metahero token, which is becoming increasingly popular! In addition, they can equip avatars with various skills and powers from different classes, such as Wizard, Melee Expert, Summoner, Psychologist, Elementalist, or Assassin.

The Sandbox

This is a metaverse based on the Ethereum blockchain. Like Decentraland, this Metaverse focuses on creating original content and games. Minecraft and Roblox inspire sandbox. Each participant in the Metaverse can let their imagination run wild and create worlds that fit their vision. Players monetize their gaming experiences by earning a SAND token. This token is used across the platform for transactions and interactions. How much interest is there in this Metaverse? More than 70 million unique worlds have been created on the platform, greatly expanding the NFT. In addition, the sandbox allows its community to create games, resources, and applications based on their stories.


WAXP is also considered one of the best emerging Metaverse crypto coins based on the WAX blockchain. This crypto project has a goal of WAXP shares to accumulate rewards and give holders governance powers in future proposals.

Besides all this, WAXP can also be used in various games on the WAX blockchain. Users can trade in-game assets as NFTs that they can sell to profit from them. And finally, as icing on the cake – to incentivize trading NFTs on the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain, all transaction fees for trading have been set to zero. According to Coinmarketcap, the WAX crypto token WAXP ranks 128th and has a market cap of $194 million.


YGG is another play-to-earn metaverse gaming-debt crypto project that claims to bring players together to earn via blockchain-based virtual economies. It’s a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that invests in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) used in virtual works and blockchain-based games on the platform. Priced at $0.63, this is a Metaverse crypto coin with a market cap of $74 million and ranked 286th on Coinmarketcap.


According to Coinmarketcap, PlayDapp’s crypto token, PLA, ranks 149th and has a market cap of $145 million. PLA is another ERC-20 token, the in-game currency for the PlayDapp ecosystem of blockchain-based games. This collection of games has interoperable assets. You can play with your collected assets, upgrade them, and even put them up for sale on the marketplace to make a profit. However, as with all other transactions on the Metaverse marketplace, buying and selling assets incur a transaction fee split between the company and the game developers.

Cryptovoxels (CVPA)

This is the best metaverse crypto project similar to Minecraft. It consists of a global digital infrastructure and blocks on which land users can continuously build various products. Users can trade assets on OpenSeaw in exchange for ETH, but Cryptovoxels also has its currency – Cryptovoxels Parcel (CVPA). On this platform, each user retains ownership of the land, which is also NFT. What can you do here? Build your virtual land by adding posters, signs, or a soundtrack, or simply sell it. With its long history in the Metaverse, Cryptovoxels has built a great community that has grown over the years, leading to more and more creative and exciting NFTs.


Star Atlas is a Metaverse crypto project based on the popular game of the same name. This game depicts the future – the year 2620 – in which players can conquer land and gather resources in a futuristic environment. It is a grand strategy game about space exploration, conquering territories, political domination, and much more.

The game includes a token, ATLAS, that users can earn by playing the game – similar to other blockchain-based gaming reward systems. ATLAS has a value of $0.0063 and a market cap of $13.8 million.


This is a project that realizes competition in the Metaverse crypto market. It is a 3D blockchain platform that enables unprecedented experiences. Unfortunately, Somnium itself has poor graphics. However, its success lies in allowing users to customize their avatar and the surrounding space fully. Somnium describes itself as a “social, open and sustainable virtual reality platform” that unites not only places where users can “live” but also: communication, entertainment, e-commerce, and other aspects of the Metaverse. This project is different from the others because it is based on Solana technology!


In conclusion, we can all agree that the Metaverse crypto industry is still very early. It will take some time to gain substance and definition before it can solve real problems. But it is undeniable that Metaverse will be the next big thing that will revolutionize the Internet and the way people work in today’s world. Major companies invest billions of dollars in building this Metaverse space.

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