10 Exercises you can do at home during pregnancy

 10 Exercises you can do at home during pregnancy

Your pregnancy will come with some not-so-fun symptoms, like body pain, stress, and more. And exercise is an effective way to eliminate those issues. By practicing different types of exercises using the Home Workout Equipment for Beginners and Experts, you can easily strengthen your body. Here are some exercises that you can do during your pregnancy. 

  1. Walking

Walking during your pregnancy will be great, and one can do it for the entire nine months if one is comfortable with this. Walking is completely free, and you can do it inside your home also. With this, you will not put enough pressure on your knees and ankles while still enjoying the benefits of cardiovascular exercise. 

  1. Pilates

While influencing the muscles, this exercise will increase flexibility without affecting the joints.  Pilates will strengthen the pelvic floor, which is quite important for a faster recovery after labor and birth. It will also allow your body to cope with carrying your growing baby’s weight. 

  1. Tai Chi

This is an ancient exercise that can help pregnant women to strengthen their bodies. The slow and gentle movements during the exercise will encourage the mind to remain calm, eliminating all the worries and stresses. You don’t even need to use any unique skills, clothing, or equipment for this. 

  1. Pelvic Floor Breathing

For this, attain a relaxed position and keep your legs uncrossed. Then place your hand on the chest and your other hand on the stomach. Now breathe in. You will feel your chest and stomach expanding, and your perineum will relax. When you breathe out, the rib cage will drop. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes every day. 

  1. Stationary Spinning or Cycling

If you don’t feel like going out with your cycle, then you can switch to a comfortable stationary bike at your home, or you can also join a spinning class. Cycling is an effective low-impact aerobic exercise. You can check out Home Workout Equipment for Beginners and Experts to buy a perfect stationary cycle for your exercise. 

  1. Arm Circles

To do this, you need to stand straight while keeping the shoulder away from the ears. Raise the arms and make sure they are parallel to the ground. Now, you need to make circles using your hand. Make circles in forwarding and backward directions. 

  1. Kegel Exercises

This exercise will strengthen the muscles that support the uterus, bowels, and bladder. This will help you to relax and control the muscles for your childbirth and labor. For better results, avoid moving the buttocks, abdominal muscles, and legs during this exercise. 

  1. Weight Training

With weightlifting exercises, you can lower the risk of injury that can develop during pregnancy as you will strengthen your muscles. But it is advisable to lower the weight amount as you move to the second or third trimester. And don’t lift weights when you are lying on your back as this can put pressure on your abdomen. 

  1. Raised Push-Ups

Take a chair and stand around one meter away from it. Now, you need to place your hands on it. Begin by performing the pelvic tilt workout and keep the glute muscles active. Then bring the elbows close to your body and lower the chest slowly towards the chair. Then gently push back your body. While doing it, you can feel the effect on the chest muscles. 

  1. Leg Raise

Lie on your side on a comfortable yoga mat and place the legs in a stacking position. Then, gently raise the top leg up towards the ceiling while bending the bottom knee a little bit. Now use the glute muscle and lower your leg. You need to do this around 10 to 15 times. After that, flip to the other side and follow the exact steps. Before lowering your legs, try to hold the leg position for around 3 to 5 seconds. You should avoid doing this exercise if you are suffering from pelvic girdle pain. During your pregnancy, your body will witness some physical changes, and that will place extra demands on your body. So, you should always exercise with care. Women who are active and healthy can often continue doing exercises as before. But those who were not active should consult with their doctor to get some tips on this. You can also take the help of a trainer who can suggest to you some best pieces of Home Workout Equipment for Beginners and Experts. Always remember to exercise safely.

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