10 Most beautiful mountains to visit in the USA

 10 Most beautiful mountains to visit in the USA

Out of numerous glorious places and landmarks to visit in the USA, the lush and picturesque mountains must be placed on your bucket list. America is rich with magnificent wildlife and biodiversity, hence visiting some of these scenic places is a real bliss. Across the wide USA, there are many mountains to explore, roam around the luscious forests, ride a bike on rocky trails, or simply have a picnic and be out in the fresh, clean air. If you are looking for such a place, here is a list of the most grandiose mountains any hiker, trekking enthusiast, or novice explorer should see.

  1. The Rocky Mountains

One of the largest mountain systems in North America, and one of the most famous for that matter, the Rocky Mountains cover an amazing 3,000 miles. This enormous mountain range is a popular tourist destination as it’s perfect for hiking, camping, fishing, mountain biking, even snowboarding, and skiing. The majestic Rocky Mountain National Park encompasses the vast 415 square miles of breathtaking natural beauty. It’s an ideal destination during all seasons so no matter if you want to visit it in summer or winter, you would certainly have a blast.

  1. The Sierra Nevada mountain range, California

Another vast mountain range, but this time it’s located along the stunning eastern edge of California. The amazing fact is that its peaks range from 11,000 to 14,000 feet high, and the entire range stretches from the Central Valley of California to the Great Basin. Here you could explore one of three national parks: Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, or the dazzling Yosemite National Park. What’s significant and what differentiates this mountain range from all others in the USA are the fantastic biking opportunities. Riding mountain bikes across the Sierra Nevada is one of the most enjoyable and exciting ways to explore this part of California. There are a lot of splendid biking trails and loops for both expert cyclists and novice riders. Some of the most notable ones are routes from South Lake Tahoe Beach or Mammoth Lakes.

  1. Teton Range (Grand Teton), Wyoming

The Teton range has everything you could want out of a mountain, and much much more. Snowy peaks, lush greeneries, slippery rocks, marvelous springs, crystal-clear alpine lakes, and abundant wildlife. If this doesn’t convince you to visit Grand Teton, then climbing to its 13,770 summits might do the trick. Any keen mountaineer would have a lot of things to do and explore. What’s more, if you are not fond of demanding mountain climbing, you could try out some of their sprucing outdoor recreational activities. For those who are not so up to some physical activities, they could visit the picturesque meadows that are full of yellow, purple, and orange wildflowers and take majestic photos.

  1. Denali, or Mt McKinley, Alaska

Most people immediately associate Alaska with cold and long days. However, the Denali National park and Preserve in south-central Alaska is a one-of-a-kind place with a mixture of outstanding lakes and glaciers, unique wildlife, and uncharted places to see. Denali is probably one of the highest mountains in North America, and it’s the third most isolated peak on Earth after Mount Everest. As a result, this mountain is not for the plain-hearted as only around 50% of mountaineers are able to reach the top. In Denali National Park there are over 4,000 lakes and glaciers to explore, however, wild animals roam absolutely free on these unfenced lands, so encountering a bear or moose is a common thing. Besides walking across Mother Nature’s true gem, you could go mountaineering and check out some of the advanced climbing routes on the peak. No matter at what side of the park you settle, you would be able to enjoy Denali’s wonderful surroundings.

  1. Mount Washington, the Presidential Range, New Hampshire

Not many places around the whole USA are as invigorating as the Presidential Range. The Presidential Range is actually a mountain range in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and as the name states, it’s named after the former presidents. The most famous and visited place is Mount Washington which is 6288 feet high and can brag about holding the record of having the tallest peak in the Northeast. If you succeed in reaching the top you could see Quebec, the Atlantic Ocean, and even New York! No matter if you reach the summit or not, all visitors truly have a blast here. There is an adventuresome Appalachian Trail that goes through the range, making it a great hiking destination for all sporty people.

  1. Elk Mountain, Colorado

Elk Mountain range in the west-Colorado is home to one of the most famous and spectacular peaks. Not only are they picture-perfect, but the Maroon Bells are said to be top-notch photograph peaks probably in the entire world. The Elk Range has six noble peaks, all of which are utterly popular with alpinists and other keen climbers. Most people do come to witness and explore the glacial valley that is surrounded by 14,000-foot peaks. However, not all people come to Elk Mount for a hiking adventure, many people come to marvel at the scenic views. The most awesome peak is the Maroon Bells, which has an alluring glacier-made lake at the bottom. You can access the Maroon Bells by car only when there’s no snow or take a bus, but you can go on foot, ride a bike or even rollerblade up in order to experience one of the best foliage views on the globe. If you are keen on leaf-peeping, the trees across the Elk Mountains will surely take your breath away.

  1. The Blue Ridge Mountains, Georgia to Pennsylvania

Located at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, The Blue Ridge Mountains are unmatched in their beauty. This is the perfect place for a relaxed family visit, a short but captivating stroll, and for having a picnic underneath unique scenery. Even if it’s not for active hikers, nobody would be left cold-hearted as around the Blue Ridge Mountains there are a lot of cozy and charming towns where you could unwind and experience authentic Appalachian surroundings. If you are up for an adventure, taking the magnificent Skyline Drive is a must! This fairytale-like route starts 75 miles (or 121km) west of Washington DC and follows a serpentine crest of the mountains, ideal for a mindful road trip with the gang. Along the route, you would have the unique opportunity to see the beauties of the Shenandoah National Park, glorious meadows, steep slopes, and other wildlife.

  1. Uinta Mountains, Utah

Seemingly overshadowed mountain range in the northeastern part of Utah, the Uinta Mountains have a lot to offer to various visitors. First of all, it’s an ideal place for fierce backpackers since this region is filled with calm and surreal beauty. To reach the Uintas you have to pass the amazing Mirror Lake Highway which is a perfect gateway to this region. The highway is great for hike access, but it also makes a good road bike ride, plus you would see a lot of biodiversity along the way. To make matters even more thrilling, nearby the Uinta Mountain you have a number of fun outdoor activities like fishing, camping, rafting, etc. What’s more, in close proximity is the famous Dinosaur National Monument where all visitors could see genuine dinosaur fossils and historic petroglyphs.

  1. Glacier National Park, Montana

It is hard to single out a specific, stand-alone mountain as this remarkable national park spans over 1,583 square miles across Montana’s Rocky Mountains. As already mentioned, the Rocky Mountains are a must-see, however, what singles out Glacier National Park are the glacier-carved peaks, deep valleys, lots of fish species, unbeaten hiking paths, and sensational turquoise lakes. Walking in the early morning or late evening would give you a chance to see the color of the sky reflecting on the water, and you could spend the night near Lake McDonald and stargaze serenely because you would have 360-degrees of the pure sky and earth-like gems around you.

  1. Mount Shasta, Cascade Range, California

Another California gen, Mt. Shasta is a true alpine paradise. The beauty is utterly undeniable as you here you could witness glacier crowns mountain peaks, lush green forest trails that lead to sublime waterfalls, streams, and lakes. The best thing about Mt. Shasta is that it’s ideal for novice hikers because it has an elevation of 14,179 feet, making it the second-highest peak in the Cascades. Plus, the entire terrain is relatively mild, and the mountain ideally rises from surrounding flatlands in a timid cone-shaped peak formation. This scenery is commonly seen on our computer wallpapers, so Mt. Shasta is definitely a mountain worth visiting.

Colossal, stupendous, and absolutely mesmerizing. These mountains across the USA are not only real wonders of the world, but they are places of great importance and value. For that reason, we should look after nature, take great care of the wildlife and surrounding, and make sure that we don’t leave a negative footprint when visiting these beautiful mountains.

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