10 Must-Have Experiences in Santorini- let’s discover Santorini!!

 10 Must-Have Experiences in Santorini- let’s discover Santorini!!

Santorini, a place that gives you the perfect background for your Instagram post. You may be surprised at the caldera’s beautiful views and its aesthetically pleasing architecture. This country is best suited for a picture-perfect vacation if you dreamt to be a part of one. But Santorini is more than just a great background and stunning beaches. This country is an experience that everyone should once live in their lifetime. So we have mentioned 10 must-have experiences in Santorini for you.    

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  1. Take a Wine Tour at Sunset
  2. Dive into hot springs from a boat
  3. Discover what it means to have dinner with a view.
  4. Spend the night in a cave house
  5. Drive around the island on a quad bike
  6. Find the ideal location to enjoy the world’s best sunset
  7. Take a catamaran tour all around the island
  8. A Healing Walk in Oia, Pyrgos, and Fira
  9. Swim at Black Beach
  10. Experiencing Local Cuisine

Take a Wine Tour at Sunset

Santorini has many wonderful wineries, so don’t leave without tasting the island’s exquisite grapes! If you want the true experience, take a sunset wine tour. This tour takes you to three traditional wineries where you can sample over 12 wines.

 Finally, you’ll be able to sip your wine while watching Santorini’s famous sunset- there’s not much better than wine with a view! You can enjoy this place with Santorini tour packages at the Pickyourtrail website. 

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Dive into hot springs from a boat

Think about it: You’ve boarded a ship. You dive in the cool waters of the Mediterranean. You swim about twenty metres before the water changes colour and temperature, indicating that you have just entered hot springs. Swimming in hot springs is a unique experience that’s why we have included it in our list of must-have experiences in Santorini.

 This is just another one of those one-of-a-kind things you must do while visiting Santorini. Every day, boat tours depart from the Old Fira port. This boat takes you to the hot springs as well as the volcanic island of Nea Kameni. Here you can hike around the rim of an active volcano.

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 Discover what it means to have dinner with a view

It’s not every day that you can dine with what is arguably the best view in the world. Even if you’re on a tight budget, set aside at least one night to splurge at one of the many restaurants with ocean views. 

Reserve your seat at sunset and prepare to have your mind (and hopefully your tastebuds) blown. We ate at Volcano Blue, a fairly priced diner along the water in Fira with a priceless view, on our final night in Santorini. Our meal couldn’t have arrived at a better time. We not only got to see the fiery red ball fall into the glistening ocean, but we also got to see a spectacular firework display. 

Spend the night in a cave house

Or, for that matter, anywhere that screams “Greek”! During our five-night stay in Santorini, we stayed at the Caveland hostel in Karterados.

With white-washed cave-style buildings and bright blue doors framed by fuchsia flowers, the hostel itself felt wonderfully Gracian. It was incredible in terms of hostels, with a pool, super friendly and helpful staff, and even morning yoga classes (not to mention a total steal)!

10 Must-Have Experiences in Santorini

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Drive around the island on a quad bike

What better way to discover this stunning island than by cruising down the roads with the wind in your hair!? Renting a quad bike (or ATV) for the day is surprisingly inexpensive and only requires a standard driver’s licence. It’s a great way to explore areas that’s why we have listed this in our list of must-have experiences in Santorini.

When you get stressed about driving on the busier roads, head to the black sand beaches of Kamari and Perissa; it’s a super easy drive with almost no traffic. You and the wide-open road, baby! If you don’t have a driver’s licence, you could also take an electric bike tour around the island instead.

Find the ideal location to enjoy the world’s best sunset

So, we understand it’s a no-brainer, but there’s a reason why this activity is famous in every Santorini guidebook. When we say that the sunset in Santorini was by far the most spectacular I’ve ever witnessed, we are not exaggerating.

 There aren’t many crowds that erupt in a round of applause as the sun sinks beneath the waves. This is one of those “you’ve got to pinch yourself” moments you’ll remember for the rest of your life. 

Securing a good spot will make all the difference in making watching the sunset over Oia the best experience possible. What would be my suggestion? Bring a small picnic and arrive at the park on time.

Take a catamaran tour all around the island

Another must-do in Santorini is a Catamaran cruise, especially if you’re only visiting for a few days. Discover the island’s top attractions and swim in the crystal clear waters of Red and White Beaches.

Savour tasty Santorini cuisine while admiring the magnificent caldera cliffs and volcanic islands. And you’ll see why it is included in our list of must-have experiences in Santorini.

A Healing Walk in Oia, Pyrgos, and Fira

The Caldera is one of Santorini’s most beautiful sights. Formed by a massive volcanic eruption and stands on a cliff. A walk around whitewashed houses in daylight will revitalise your soul. Caldera’s nightlife is also fantastic, creating the ideal atmosphere for a romantic night out.

You can also take a walk to nearby villages such as Pyrgos Castelli and Oia. If you enjoy hiking, you’ll enjoy hiking from Fira to Oia while enjoying the Caldera’s beauty. 

You can spend a bit of time in Oia, Santorini’s most picturesque village. You’ll be dancing amid pearly white buildings and blue-domed churches. 

10 Must-Have Experiences in Santorini

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Swim at Black Beach.

Perivolos Beach is a must-see if you’re on a romantic getaway with your partner. This vibrant beach is the ideal place to unwind and have fun. It also invites adventurers to participate in thrilling water sport activities like Jet Ski Safari.

 The majority of beach bars on the island can be found here, with loud music playing all day. For people who desire a quality vacation, Perissa beach is the solution. 

 With crystal blue water dancing over the sandy sea bottom, this location provides a heartwarming view. This beach provides luxurious amenities and comfortable facilities.

Experiencing Local Cuisine

The fertile land of Santorini Island produces one-of-a-kind products known for their delectable taste. The secret is hidden in the volcanic nature of the land. 

Your visit to this island will be incomplete unless you visit a traditional tavern and sample local dishes such as fava, tomato fritters, melitzanosalata (made from white eggplants), Greek salad with capers, and wine. You should also visit a sea tavern to sample fresh fish and seafood while admiring the breathtaking views of the island.

As a foodie, you will enjoy Greek cuisine because it is extremely tasty. And Santorini’s fresh products just take it a step further! Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with locals.

Come enjoy the true spirits of Santorini through the must-have experiences in Santorini. There is more to Santorini than the experiences listed above, and it’s always better to do it yourself than to read. Grab your backpacks and get ready to explore black sandy beaches, historical spots, clear blue waters and amazing Santorini cuisine. Are you ready to explore?

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