10 Tips on Creating a Winning Intranet

 10 Tips on Creating a Winning Intranet

What is an intranet?

An intranet is a private computer network that uses Internet technology to securely share organizational information or any part of the operating system with employees.

Do you remember a time when the only reason to visit the company intranet software was to look up an HR number or print a benefit form (which you would then fax to the benefits department)? Since then, the Online Intranet Software has come a long way and is now considered the heart of the organization, not just an unused appendage.

If your intranet solution isn’t the beating heart of your organization’s web, your intranet team probably doesn’t yet know how to create an intranet software that captures and keeps your captive audience’s attention. Below are just a few ideas for creating an intranet that communicates with and engages regular employees.

1. First, when creating an intranet solution, you must use an easy-to-use and feature-rich content management system (CMS). This will give you personalization and collaboration tools that can spread to all mini-sites on your intranet. Additionally, it allows your users to become content managers, not just content contributors.

2. Mimic the Internet. Your organization’s employees are constantly online and are used to some forms of communication and website design. Your intranet software should provide the same functionality and should be as easy to use as the Internet.

3. Includes collaboration tools like forums and blogs with authentic content and engaging questions, and the ability to subscribe to conversations to get updates delivered to subscribers’ inboxes. What if George, a consultant in England, could post a question on a message board before leaving and then come back to work in the morning to find Tim in Los Angeles, Juan in Mexico, and Laura in New York answered? George can fix his day-end issues before drinking his first cup of tea.

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4. Create your own YouTube – but within control and manageability. What if every department could create and upload videos for training, marketing, motivation, or just for fun (for example, a recent video for a United Way fundraiser or a company trip to a local amusement park)?

5. Remember that dusty and not up-to-date employee directory? Turn it into a profile directory (think LinkedIn instead of Facebook). Give each employee their own profile page where they can upload photos, past and current achievements, videos, and more. Only assign publishing rights to content managers or intranet software team members so that all content can be monitored.

6. Make it green – Eliminate printing and faxing or printing and mailing documents by using a CMS to design online forms that can be filled out and stored in a database or emailed to recipients.

7. If your company is a global entity, make sure the language and content on your intranet software site is localized. A good CMS will give you this feature so that employees in the US can read Chinese intranet pages and vice versa.

8. Save money and increase collaboration and personalization by adding document libraries for each department and a My Documents component for each employee. They can then directly access and share the documents they use most with others.

9. Make your RSS feed useful by including it to relevant news sites. For example, a marketing department might appreciate daily updated marketing trends.

10. Add an internal news release component to keep everyone updated on business trends, achievements, new hires, and more.

11. Use the iFrame component to easily access other internal/external websites that your employees may be interested in or need to use.


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