11 Styling Ways for your outdoor office space

 11 Styling Ways for your outdoor office space

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The outdoor office space is but an extension of the office. More often than not, it is not optimally utilised. It is considered nothing more than a pathway. This cannot be further from the truth. The outdoor office space if styled properly can turn into an asset in itself.

1.    Brand, Brand and Brand

Today’s competitive world demands that we keep ourselves in the customer’s mind consciously or unconsciously. We keep reiterating our presence so many times that whenever they need the service or product that we provide, our brand props up in their mind. Office space, especially outer space which has higher visibility is the perfect choice for this purpose. best interior design companies in bangalore, understand this untold need of the customer well.

2. Power options

The outer space of the office is often underutilised due to a lack of power. Just give a few extensions and plugins and watch the miracle unfold. Few furniture and plugin options can draw the employees out into pleasant weather. Client meetings in such open spaces can actually put them at ease. Point of contentions and issues can be easily talked over and resolved if the environment is airy and informal.

3. Privacy

Even the outdoor space can be designed in such a way that a certain amount of privacy can be provided. The discussion and negotiations held out in the semi-open areas can prove more successful. Of course, a movable curtain or partitions can afford a sense of privacy, enough to make the users comfortable.

4. Glare Protection

Outdoor weather however consistent can quickly turn jarring with the sun rising up. Even in the moderate conditions that Bangalore is famous for, the glare of the sun is something to be reckoned with. A simple flexible screen made of flex or thick cloth material can help with the glare.

5. Movable and flexible curtains

Make sure to provide a few of them so that they can be moved around according to the time of the day. These will ensure both privacy and prevent the sun glare. It would be ideal to have the curtain boast the company brand proudly. Interior Designers in Bangalore design customised props for this very purpose.

6. Keep the sun and rain in mind

It is necessary to remember that while styling the outer office space can be useful, it could quickly turn into chaos if there is a sudden shower or scorching heat. This can especially ruin the whole prospect if we do not choose the décor or furniture keeping in mind these things.

7. Correct furniture.

This brings us to the next point i.e. the choice of furniture and décor. To ensure sustained utility, it is necessary to make sure that the furniture is right. It should be just comfortable and ergonomically correct but also viable to be used under outdoor conditions.  Repurposing the garden furniture would be the cheapest and easiest option

8. Insects and wind are part of open space

As pleasant as it might seem to sit outside, it pays to remember that there are things outside which can actually hamper your work eg wind flying off your papers. Garden insects are always attracted to grass and humans. Mosquito bites and flies can cause minor discomfort but they can be easily overcome

9. Align the natural conditions with the Inner office.

It is of utmost importance that the outer space is styled in line with the company and its internal office décor. A continuation of the theme makes the employees comfortable and at home. So the alignment of internal office décor is necessary without losing the outer space charm

10. Light up

Since evening is the best time to sit outside, the lack of lights could discourage people from using the outside space. Make sure that the outer space is well light and in sync with the company brand colours.

11. Flatten the outer space

Often the outer offices are not paved or grassed. This causes difficulty in setting up furniture or other props. So it is necessary to make sure that the outer office space is flattened out and is ready to be utilised.

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