11 Tips for Increasing Your Business’ Instagram Engagement

 11 Tips for Increasing Your Business’ Instagram Engagement

When it comes to social media, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms. In fact, Instagram has over 500 million active monthly users! With so many people using this platform, your business can gain a lot from being on it too.

If you want more engagement on Instagram and more followers for your company’s account, then read these 11 tips that will help improve your social media presence on Instagram.

1. Post Consistently on Instagram

Posting regularly on Instagram will help your business gain more followers and increase engagement.

If you post frequently, people can easily stay connected with what’s going on at your company or brand by checking out the posts in their feed every day.

Make sure to set a specific time of day for posting so that all of your content is organized and planned ahead of time instead of haphazardly posting whenever you feel like it.

You won’t want to overwhelm users who follow your account since they’ll see multiple photos from you throughout the course of one day.

This is because there isn’t enough space between them as opposed to spacing each photo about 12 hours apart (which would give those following an enjoyable experience).

Having a consistent schedule also allows you to come up with a content strategy since you know what days and times are best for your audience.

Posting consistently on Instagram will help gain more exposure, increase engagement with followers, have the opportunity to engage with new users about posts they may be interested in, or answer questions that potential customers might have.

By being consistent, will give people who follow your account something to look forward to every day so they don’t miss anything important from you.

2. Tell Stories on Your Feed

People want to hear what you have to say, according to some important Instagram stats

If your Instagram page is just a feed full of ads, people will lose interest in it quickly.

You should post about deals or promotions that are going on but don’t overuse hashtags either since this can annoy some users who may be following your account for different reasons than someone else might.

Instead, share stories by posting behind-the-scenes photos and videos so followers get an inside look at how things work when they’re not around.

You can also do caption contests where people submit their captions for certain pictures to win prizes like free products from your company or even gift cards.

If possible, try partnering with other businesses in order to continue telling interesting stories using new angles to your Instagram page.

What’s so great about telling stories on Instagram is that you can create content for social media anytime, anywhere.

3. Create a Powerful Brand Image

Having a strong brand image will help your Instagram account gain more followers and increase engagement.

Your logo is the face of your business, so it’s important to make sure that you’re using a quality photo or an illustration for it instead of just taking a picture straight on with no personality.

You should also know what colors look best since these can attract certain users depending on demographics like age group, and gender preference. If you use all bright colors in your branding then this may not be suited towards older adults who prefer something much calmer looking.

4. Make Sure Your Feed is Visually Consistent

People should be able to recognize your Instagram page right away.

Try not to have more than two fonts in one post and keep descriptions or captions short since this will make it easier for users’ eyes to scan through the content on their feed instead of being overwhelmed by a jumble of words.

You can also add emojis where applicable but don’t overdo it either! These are meant as fun additions so they shouldn’t take up too much space when used properly.

Otherwise, you’ll lose followers who might find them annoying if they’re all over the place throughout every single post.

5. Select Relevant Hashtags

People will see your Instagram photos in their feeds if you use hashtags.

The more popular a hashtag is, the better chance it has of being seen by users who are either searching for certain topics or just scrolling through their feed to find something new and interesting to look at.

You should also know that using too many hashtags can have negative effects on engagement so try not to put them in every single post unless they’re relevant since this could annoy your followers as well.

Only use general tags like #business when applicable instead of unique ones which may mean nothing out of context with what you’ve already posted about prior (like “cake” because maybe all you eat is cake?).

6. Prioritize User-Generated Content

Your Instagram page should consist of content that your customers create.

This can be done by having a “challenge” where you provide themes for users to use when creating their own posts so it’ll give them plenty of ideas on what they want to share about themselves or their businesses.

You could even have your followers submit photos and videos using specific hashtags so you know exactly which ones are working well according to the number of views each one gets.

This way, those tags will continue being used instead of just disappearing into oblivion after being posted once without any engagement from other people besides yourself as the original poster.

7. Explore Different Instagram Video Formats

Instagram videos are a great way to get your content seen.

They’re not too long so they won’t take up the entire screen of users’ feeds and people seem to be more interested in watching them than just plain photos or static images since Instagram has already been around for some time now.

However, you should still consider using different types of video formats like Boomerangs (animated clips that loop back on themselves), Superzoom (which zooms into something while playing backward at the same time), and Hyperlapse (a sped-up version of regular footage).

These can grab attention much easier compared to photos since it’s pretty obvious that these will only last for a very brief period before disappearing again.

8. Use Closed Captions and Subtitles

You should also consider using closed captions and subtitles if you create videos.

This is especially important for Instagram videos since there’s no way to add a written caption while uploading them.

This might make it harder for users to understand what the content of your posts are about without actually watching it first (especially if they don’t have sound).

Closed Captions will appear on-screen automatically when people view your video so they can read along with everything that’s being said, while Subtitles allow viewers who speak different languages other than English or whatever dialect yours may be in to still follow along too.

9. Use Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are similar to the ones you’d see on Instagram Stories because they only last for 24 hours.

However, this one is also like a carousel (a grouping of multiple images or videos that sort of “slide” across the screen) since it displays three posts at once instead of just one image/video per post.

This can be pretty effective especially if you share different types of content which all fit together somehow so users will get an idea about what kind of business you run.

This is based on how many photos and videos there are in your Instagram Reel rather than by looking through every single photo individually.

They’ll definitely appreciate not having to spend too much time scrolling before finding something new to look at.

10. Embrace Instagram’s AR Filters

When users are looking to take new shots for their Instagram posts, they could try using the AR Filters on the app first.

This is a great way to test out different effects before deciding whether or not you want it on your post rather than just taking random photos of whatever comes into your mind without giving it much thought at all.

Each filter has its own unique style that can work well with any type of content since these change automatically in real-time according to what you’ve chosen in advance.

You’ll definitely be able to tell which ones look better compared to others and eventually narrow down whichever one(s) make your posts stand out from everyone else’s if you use them often enough each time something new gets added.

11. Use More GIFs

Finally, you should consider using GIFs more often on Instagram.

GIFs can be beneficial in many ways and they’re pretty easy to use since all it takes is a simple search through the app for them before putting them directly into your posts (just like how people do with photos or videos).

This could be preferable over uploading regular images because these might look really bland compared to moving ones that show different types of expressions depending on what’s happening at any given moment.

It also gets easier if you know which keywords are likely going to yield better results than others so there won’t be much guesswork involved once users start scrolling down their feeds looking for something new to watch/read about now and then.

Take Advantage of These Instagram Engagement Tips

As you can see, there are many Instagram engagement tips to follow to give your profile a boost. To learn more about this subject, continue reading our blog for more helpful articles.

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