15 Tips to Grow Curly Hair Fast

 15 Tips to Grow Curly Hair Fast

Taking care of curly and frizzy hair is not so much more difficult, as they say. But you always have to stay connected to a nice treatment routine, because when the hair is hydrated everything gets easier, right?

That’s why we’ve separated 15 tips to grow curly hair fast.

grow curly hair fast
  1. Wash, condition, and moisturize your hair two to three times a week, no more than that, because curly and curly hair is very fragile;
  2. Always use products formulated for your type of curvature;
  3. Avoid excessive use of dryers and other appliances that use high temperatures. The best thing is that the hair dries naturally. Occasionally, if you go to a party, use the dryer, with a diffuser nozzle, but always remembering not to keep the equipment on the hair for a long time;
  4. The most common mistakes are lack of hydration and improper combing. The amount of combing cream, the way it is distributed in the locks and the way to knead the curls make a big difference in the result of curly and curly hair;
  5. Avoid putting your hands on your hair while it is drying with the styling cream. The natural oiliness of the hands does not allow a good formation of curls;
  6. Avoid using a flat iron, flat iron, Babyliss, or any type of hot styler so as not to alter the natural structure of the hair that is born in a spiral;
  7. Hydration is essential and should be part of the hair care routine. Always moisturize, preferably every time you wash your hair. Always moisturize before and after brushing;
  8. When making a brush, use only the dryer and a defrizzing lotion that must be passed on the hair before heating them to protect against heat;
  9. When washing your hair, do not use hot water, it must be at body temperature too cold;
  10. Give preference to loops wrapped in fabric, which do not pull or break the threads. Remember that curly hair breaks more easily because it has less elasticity;
  11. Avoid washing your hair at night. Even if you use a diffuser dryer, the roots do not always dry out, becoming fragile. In addition, the pillow maintains an ideal temperature for the proliferation of fungi on the damp scalp, as well as caps and hats without ventilation;
  12. Hair should be cut regularly, because over time the ends wear out, leaving the hair looking damaged. Renewing the cut at least every two months is essential to strengthening them;
  13. Air conditioning is a moisture thief that dries out the air and also steals water from the hair. The wind has a similar effect. So keep your hair always hydrated.
  14. Combs and brushes should be washed at least once a month. Leave them for fifteen minutes in a solution of water and shampoo to eliminate oiliness. Then rinse well and let it dry;
  15. Take good care of your food. Beauty starts from the inside out. Always include fruits, and vegetables in your menu, thus ensuring the nutrients your hair needs.

Have you used any of these tips to grow curly hair fast?

Tell us what’s your hair care secret for curly and frizzy hair.

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