20 Best Decorating Secrets only Professionals Know

Life is dull or colourless without designs. And designs are of two types; interior and exterior. We human beings spend most of our time at two places and that is home and office. And need a different approach to different places in decoration sense.

Why do we need interior design or decoration? In the home, we eat, sleep, enjoy and in the office we focus on creativity, productivity, a calm environment. We can satisfy all the above desires through decoration.

Here, we will share some of the best decoration tips and tricks only professionals know.

  • Don’t waste what you Already Own

You can reuse what you have in pieces in the previous home.

  • Fake it Until you Make it!

Don’t be confused do something creative because the bolder you go, the more smile you will see in them.

  • Old and New Combination Wins

As they say old and new belong together. And the combination of modern and antiques never tires.

  • Play with Lighting

Make your mood happy and environment healthy and romantic by playing different colours of lights.

  • Fill up your spaces with Wallpaper

It looks weird to see empty walls. No problem. You have the solution. Mundane spaces, hallways, pantries and powder rooms are the places to be filled with amazing wallpapers.

  • Why worry about DIY

Do it yourself is not a word but a “Magic”. Believe yourself! All the designers were first self-taught. So, why not you!

  • The right Bulb

Choosing the right bulb not only save energy, and money but also make your room what you dream of.

  • Place Wicker at Home

You will love Wicker for its texture and versatility. Also, you can use it for storage

  • Update light Switches

Every day new designs of light switches are coming. Upgrade your decoration with new designs of light switches.

  •  Old is Gold

Invest in antiques is another option for decoration. As they say, fabulous antiques only get better with age. And once the cry is better for a forever piece and smile.

  •  Ceiling to Redefine

When laying to sleep, we look up to the ceiling a lot. Make use of ceiling space to redefine beauty and decoration.

  •  Fill up your Windows

Empty windows do not look so good. Hang your favourite curtains and drapes. These will prevent all the dust, noises, and filter out light as well. Also, helps to protect your private life.

  • Drawing Walls

You can have also the option of drawing walls. It will give a dramatic look to your home.

  •  Go Deep in Dark

Don’t worry about the black. You will surprise when you use dark for contrast.

  •  Bring little Stuff

Everyone has a very deep and emotional relationship with childhood. The memories of childhood come from that little stuff you enjoyed. Bring all that stuff and keep it properly somewhere on the front. That will make you happy and enjoy.

  •  Don’t forget the Coffee Table

Make some space and bring the coffee table and give it a sense of place. It will give you an aesthetic sense.

  •  Floor Plan

What and how about a floor plan? Figure out a floor plan to do the best of your decoration and aesthetic sense.

  •  Frame your Windows

Blinds are of many designs. Frame it on your windows and protect your privacy and also filter out all the exterior lights.

  • Paint it

When in doubt, paint it. Don’t underestimate the power of paint. You don’t need to break your home and office or whatever. The painting will give a new look and life to your home.

  •  Have Fun

What’s more fun than decorating your home’s interior and exterior where you live, and not only you but your lovely family. And when you invite your relatives, friends and guests then you will realize how much they like and compliment you.

In the last, I would like to remind you don’t forget to clean your home’s interior and exterior after 3 to 6 months. Cleaning will make your home decorative and attractive for a long time. So, don’t compromise on cleaning.

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