2022 Aprilia SR GT 200 is launched! The long-lost Italian Sokoda aims for the best of both worlds!

 2022 Aprilia SR GT 200 is launched! The long-lost Italian Sokoda aims for the best of both worlds!

Apart from the RSV4, RS660 or the Tuono and Dorsoduro models, when did Tiger fans see the brand and think of the Sokoda model? After all, for them, apart from the unintroduced SR and SXR models, the most recent model to be released and introduced in Taiwan is the yellow A-sheep SRV 850, and this time it is the SR GT 200, a new type of urban mobility vehicle that is compatible with off-road challenges.

Model A
The front end features the RSV4, RS660, and Tuono models. Perhaps there is a reason why Aprilia Indonesia, as the performance-oriented brand of the Piaggio Group, did not really have a strong need to develop the Skoda, after all, with brands such as Vespa and Derbi in the group, it was still more practical to focus on the needs of its own image. The three-light headlamp structure, the two-color block styling, the small ADV-like windscreen design, and the use of honeycomb grilles and carbon fiber embellishments in the details not only give the front end itself a high degree of resemblance to the RSV4, RS660, and Tuono models but also to the SR GT’s emphasis on the versatility of the light off-road challenge. The front end of the SR GT has been raised to give the car a slightly more

The wheelbase of 1,350mm and the seat height of 799mm are quite affordable. The cushions are made of two types of fabric with red stitching. The rear end and tail lights have a strong sense of technology. Even though the SR GT seems to be an impressive model, with a length of 1,920 mm, a width of 765 mm and a wheelbase of 1,350 mm, it is not too large. The SR GT has an extremely rugged and aggressive style.

The new E5 powerhouse
In the face of tougher environmental regulations, it is not unusual for Aprilia to use the Group’s power resources, and with the exception of the unintroduced 125 version, the SR GT 200 also uses the Piaggio-developed i-get engine range, In addition to combustion efficiency and clean emissions, the brushless crankshaft direct drive starter not only provides a smoother ignition start but also a smoother start and stop thanks to the Regulator Inverter Start and Stop System (RISS). The automatic switch-off at the right operating temperature is followed by a sensing of the throttle opening and an immediate return to operation, ensuring that the vehicle is switched off at a standstill to achieve the lowest possible carbon consumption during the ride.

Adequate equipment
Excellent functionality with 25L of interior space. Front glove box with USB charging connector and smartphone holder. With an emphasis on urban mobility, the Aprilia SR GT 200 has less pedal storage capacity due to its frame keel, but the 25L capacity of the interior under the saddle is not bad at all. The front glove compartment is not very spacious, but it has a USB charging connector and a space for a smartphone to charge your phone while riding.

The monochrome LCD meter is available with the Aprilia MIA Connect multimedia system as an option. Although the instrument itself is a monochrome LCD, it is large and clear, with a technical layout and all information clearly displayed. The SR GT is also available with the optional Aprilia MIA information system for smartphone connectivity, which is quite adequate for a bike that is primarily commuter-oriented.

Short review of the Veloquez
14 front and 13 rear rims with dual-purpose knobby tyres. The Aprilia SR GT 200, with its emphasis on cross-country and off-road versatility, has a longer suspension configuration, with 122mm at the front and 102mm at the rear. In addition, the 110/80-14 front and 130/70-13 rear wheel ratios, which emphasise passability and riding comfort, and the high ground clearance, give the SR GT 200 its own relatively good handling potential.

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