3 Reasons why NEO will rise in 2018

To increase the relevancy of its operations, all the cryptocurrencies are trying to improve their security and transparency. In this race among cryptocurrencies, some are able to handle the ups and downs while some are not able to even make its presence felt in the crypto market. NEO, on the other hand, has always found itself to be a tough competitor. There are some cryptos which strive to be a bridge to connect different coins. To understand this concept better let us examine as to what is ICON? ICON ICX is a network that connects top performing tokens like Bitcoin, Neo, Ethereum, Ark and Qtum. NEO to BTC is a popular conversion among crypto enthusiasts.

Some reasons that explain why NEO price will have an upsurge in 2018

  1. Big names joining the Neo team- As a highlight for the reputation of NEO network, Ex-president of the reputable Forbes China Mr. Melvyn Goh joins NEO in its ambitious project Moonlight. NEO platform is a distributed system for smart economies launched in 2014 by Da Hongfei. It is considered as the Ethereum of China. One of the unique features of Neo is that it supports two different tokens namely NEO and neoGAS. Support from Chinese giants is an added advantage for NEO platform
  2. Constant development taking place in the NEO network-Members of the NEO network who strengthen and monitor the platform are rewarded by neoGAS tokens. NEO coins are pre-mined and are utilized for creating blocks. Neo uses C# and JAVA as its programming language. NEO is always working towards increasing its security by upgrading its programming language to Python in future. Increasing decentralisation and security in the network is the primary motive of NEO.
  3. Positive price forecasts and history for NEO – According to the recent NEO Price Prediction, Neo cryptocurrency has been on a rise recently due to its prices not going below USD 30 in the past few months. Though Neo has also witnessed ups and downs in its token price. NEO has been considered less volatile than its competitors. Henceforth NEO coin price today is USD 32.23 and it has gained 12th rank among the cryptos. This is a commendable achievement for NEO platform till date. Neo price forecast shows an awesome increase in its coin price. In one year NEO price is set to be more than USD 60 and more than USD 200 in five years time which means a whopping 528% increase in its prices.

Many crypto platforms work with unknown parties during any transactions. But NEO provides a unique identity to users who wish to get one. Users can opt to transact only with those who have a defined identity in the network. This provides NEO an edge over other cryptocurrencies. NEO cryptocurrency uses proof-of-service consensus in its network. Each block in NEO is created within a time of 15-20 seconds which is very faster than its rival cryptocurrency Bitcoin which apparently uses 10 minutes to generate a single block.


With such valid reasons for an increase in NEO price in 2018, it will be convincing for the investors to cash on NEO tokens. After gaining the confidence in the Chinese market NEO is sure to make a good stand in the Asian market in days to come. Investing is NEO is considered as a good choice for both short-term and long-term investments according to business experts.

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