3 SEO mistakes that are hurting your ranking

3 SEO mistakes that are hurting your ranking
Modern business websites have to do a lot of work to be visible online and google is becoming more and more strict in its ranking system. SEO organizations will help you achieve good rankings for your business website, you should avoid the following three SEO mistakes if you want to be on the first page of any search engine.
3 mistakes you are making when optimizing your website
You are not having a mobile-friendly website. Having a mobile-optimized website is more important than ever, because google will give you a low-quality score if it detects that your pages aren’t mobile-friendly. Optimizing your site for smartphones and tablets doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive: some responsive themes on Theme Forest will work perfectly and you can start editing them with ease.
Having a separate mobile site is even worse because it takes up to three years for google to recognize your mobile pages as being optimized for smartphones. You are not maintaining the number of links pointing to you from other sites. According to Google, one way of getting a high-quality score is by having a lot of relevant backlinks pointing to your website. Unfortunately, many business owners are using black hat methods to get these backlinks, which will hurt you in the end. http://imanetwork.org/ is an SEO organization that will help your business soar to new heights.
You are taking shortcuts by hiring cheap link-building services that don’t care about your rankings and only care about getting their fee. A good way of improving your website’s relevancy score is by posting interesting content on other websites that are relevant to your industry; you can then ask these sites to link back to your website. You are not checking the links that point from your website to other websites. A self-referential system is sometimes used by black hat SEOs, but it’s a risky move because Google will lower your site’s relevancy score as soon as they detect a high number of links from your site to other websites. If you want to link out on your website, try using the no follow tag in order to avoid Google’s penalty. Website promotion is a growing trend in todays business world and it is the most effective tool for your business to stay ahead of the competition.
Modern business owners need to have a good reputation on google in order to get relevant traffic and sales leads for their businesses. Avoiding these three dangerous SEO mistakes will help you get better rankings in Google.

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