3 Ways Casual Shoes Boost Your Confidence at Work

 3 Ways Casual Shoes Boost Your Confidence at Work

Casual shoes are all the rage with today’s business casual dress code. But while they may be your personal style, you might wonder if they make you look sloppy or lazy at work. The fact is, the way you dress when you’re not at work can actually boost your confidence when you are at work because it signals to yourself and others that you have more than one dimension to your personality — and that’s a good thing.

When you have the option to dress up or dress down at work, it can sometimes be hard to decide which way to go—especially if you’re just starting out and you’re not sure what your company culture is like yet. But there are many reasons why putting more effort into your casual outfits could be the right decision. A great pair FSW Shoes casual shoes for men can make all the difference in your confidence, whether you’re doing business with an important client or just casually talking to co-workers around the water cooler. Here are three ways that casual shoes boost your confidence at work.

1) Choose shoes with a Good Fit

In order to find the right shoes for you, think about what you’re doing most in your workday. Are you standing on a hard surface? If so, be sure to look for shoes with extra padding to make sure that your feet will be comfortable all day long. For example, G by Guess has a variety of cushioned heels to choose from.

Do you walk more than average throughout the day? While it’s always important to pay attention to what your feet feel like when walking around an area store (you’ll get a better idea of how different styles work for your body), remember that the comfort level of a shoe won’t magically change overnight.

2) Neutral Colors Can be Versatile

Most of the time, we only think about the confidence-boosting benefits of heels and pumps. However, switching to a more practical shoe for office wear can be just as good for your self-esteem. For one thing, wearing a variety of shoes keeps your feet in better condition by enabling them to rest. What’s more, comfort leads to confidence in the long run because you’re less likely to feel restless and irritable throughout the day or plagued by discomfort during your commute back home. If you feel empowered and carefree enough to trade in your fancy heels every once in awhile or throw on something from our pajama collection after work, you’ll enjoy better mental health—and so will those around you.

3) Comfort is Key

No one wants to feel self-conscious when they’re on the job. It can be hard enough juggling a day filled with meetings, presentations, and other deadlines, but feeling uncomfortable in your shoes can make things infinitely worse. In order to keep your composure and look professional all day long, opt for casual or comfort shoes. The lack of stress on your feet will decrease tension in your body, reducing fatigue which can lead to reduced anxiety or an unfocused state of mind. You’ll be more alert and focused so you don’t miss any of the small details that are important for a successful business transaction or presentation. You’ll also be able to better engage with clients during lunch breaks or after work hours because you won’t have painful feet distracting you from being fully present.

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