4 amazing tips to wedding gown preservation

 4 amazing tips to wedding gown preservation

The wedding celebrations are over and it’s time for your honeymoon. So, once you have double-checked your itinerary and packed your bags, you can finally set off for your dream vacation. But what about your wedding gown? It has often come to our notice that after the big day, brides tend to forget about their designer gowns, the veil, and other accessories – they tend to forget that these need some special care. In fact, if left unattended, sweat, body oil, and deodorant, leave invisible stains on the delicate wedding gowns, which can together turn the gown yellow. This is why you need professional wedding gown preservation.

Wedding gown cleaning and preservation is something that can be planned well in advance – even before your special day. While some wedding planners can handle the task for you, we recommend getting in touch with the finest gown preservation services on your own, just so you can actually get your queries answered, and check for yourself how they get the job done. In short, you can set things up in advance and drop your dress off before heading out for your honeymoon.

Tips on how to proceed with wedding dress preservation

  • Find the right expert: Perhaps the easiest way of making sure that you do not forget about wedding gown preservation is to add it to your wedding planning to-do checklist. That said, when it comes to finding the right people for the job, you can either look for gown preservation services online, or simply ask for referrals from friends and family members. You probably spent a fortune on your designer wedding gown, so it’s quite appropriate for you to look for a specialist who can keep the gown in its pristine form.
  • Double-check the contract: When it comes to striking a deal with the gown preservation company, having everything in writing always helps. Sometimes, some companies refuse to handle gowns that have been cleaned by some other firm, even if it seems in proper condition. Also, find out if the preservation company offers a warranty on their cleaning and preservation process, and will take care of it whenever any problem develops during the course of the preservation tenure. Never take a quote on call as final, and always go through their previous work, just to be sure of how good their work really is.
  • Check if it’s worth the price: There’s a common misconception around wedding dress cleaning and wedding gown preservation – that the services are priced excessively, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, many reliable and professional gown preservation services work at competitive rates. Moreover, the price of the gown cleaning and preservation process is based on the type of garment, how elaborate the design and embellishments are, and the damage done to it all. So, a simple bridal gown with minimal beading and embellishments would cost less for cleaning and preservation.
  • Time is of the essence: The longer you delay the cleaning and preservation process, the longer the stains sit on the fabric of the gown. In fact, over a period of time, these stains set in, thereby making it harder for the specialists to remove them – further complicating the process. Try not to wrap the dress in plastic, as it traps the moisture in and promotes the growth of mold. Moreover, no matter what you believe, your dress may have invisible stains on it, which are only visible under UV light. So, try not to delay the cleaning process – as it is the only way of keeping the gown clean and pristine, even years down the line.

Key takeaway

Are you looking to pass your wedding gown to your future generation? Perhaps you want to sell it off or donate it to some charity house? No matter what your need be, having the gown cleaned and preserved is a great way of making sure that the gown remains presentable all through.


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