4 common prejudices about cosmetic boxes in the USA

 4 common prejudices about cosmetic boxes in the USA

The cosmetic business has become a billion-dollar industry, and ultimately the firms are facing a competitive situation. The cosmetic boxes in the USA are differentiating the beauty items of these brands with the unique design structure. Customization is playing a vital role in this regard. Some commonly used custom options in these boxes are die-cutting, embossing, gluing, scoring, and foiling for an appealing design. This packaging perfectly meets the safety needs of all products like lipsticks, mascara, eye shadow, etc. The product categorization and brand information are printed using the advanced digital printers operated under the CMYK color schemes for a premium quality result. 

Undoubtedly, the packaging is always assumed a primary need of the products and provides several advantages to the companies. Yet, it is not the case with cosmetic boxes in USA. People have partiality and prejudice against them because of some misconceptions. Here is a list of 4 such prejudices about them in the USA. 

Increase in carbon footprints:

The studies are very clear about the usage of makeup items in the USA. More than 40 percent of people use cosmetic items daily. Similarly, more than 25 percent use them multiple times in a weak. So much consumption makes the critics think that this phenomenon leads the cosmetic boxes to create pollution and other issues for society. People blame the fact that so much consumption of these products requires the same number of packaging boxes.

They have built a prejudice against this while guessing that their manufacturing process is a massive contributor to carbon footprints. Yet, the reality is entirely against it. The carbon footprint emission ratio has come down to zero as renewable energy sources are utilized during the production phase of this material. All the materials are recyclable and safe for nature. 

A liability for the businesses:

Another prejudice about the cosmetic packaging present in the USA is that this packaging is entirely undue. It is just a liability and an extra expense for the brands. A portion of the less innovative small firms is also obsessed with this perception. They consider it less important for a small firm with severe financial issues.

In reality, the facts are changed. It is an ultimate need of the small firms as they can use the same packaging for the branding of their business. It helps them promote their business and the products more effectively than any other tool. Moreover, it makes a valuable addition to the items and keeps them secure from the physical, environmental and biological harms.

Printing options are limited:

Some startups make a judgment about this packaging that cannot convey the real values of a brand message to the customers. Therefore, they consider it the fewer printing options. The biggest reason behind this prejudice is the readymade packaging. The custom printed cosmetic boxes cure this prejudice as the brands can print their desired design layout over these boxes.

However, printing every bit of data about the products and the brand is impossible. Printing so much data over the box also makes the design complex. A creative approach adopted by the packaging firms is the usage f QR code to redirect people to additional information. Only, most necessary and inevitable data like brand information and product data as directed by the FDA is printed over them. 

Only suitable for retail businesses:

It is an era of technical advancements, and the way of doing business is also changed. Several people still think that the cosmetic boxes are only viable for the brands selling their products through the retail stores. However, it is just a misconception.

This packaging is ideal for both retail and e-commerce businesses. The e-commerce industry is enormous in the USA. Cosmetic companies face no difficulty using the same packaging to provide a great buying experience to the consumers. Additionally, the shipping safety that e-commerce cosmetic firms get for their fragile items is unmatchable. 

These mentioned prejudices about the cosmetic boxes in the USA are baseless, and there is no reality behind them. On the contrary, the benefits gain by this packaging is unlimited. However, it is essential to opt for customization to fulfill the different needs with the help of a single box and crafting a universal packaging solution

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