4 Homemade Hacks and Tips to Get Rid of Insects, Reptiles and Rodents

 4 Homemade Hacks and Tips to Get Rid of Insects, Reptiles and Rodents

Tips To Prevent Insects, Reptiles, and Rodents

Having mental peace is mandatory for you to spend your entire day on productivity, your daily life tasks depend on it. Some insects can contribute to problems in your life. What if you are ready to start your day and one of the insects bites at your face? Will you be able to go and meet someone with that damaged face? What if you are going to have your test for a driving license in Punjab? You need to take some action to avoid these issues. 

Even if you already have a licence through DLIMS, you still need to prepare yourself for upcoming bug problems that can get into your car. We have some handy tips to keep your home insects-free so you can stay safe.

Unwashed utensils

Never leave your utensils in the kitchen unwashed otherwise the cockroaches, brown-banded cockroaches, lizards, and rats will make their way to your home. The smell of food attracts them, which leads to a chain of these unwanted creatures. They are an invitation for all those creatures.

Avoid keeping open food.

Keep food either in the refrigerator or in a jar. If it is not edible anymore, cover it and discard it. Flies love to sit on food especially, sweet ones. If not flies, brown-banded cockroaches make their way to your leftover food. Remember, they come at night when everyone is sleeping. Make sure you have cleaned your kitchen before going to sleep.

Seal off the passage/cracks in the wall.

It is better to seal off all the cracks and passages of the walls in your home. Ants look for their ways to enter your house through these cracks. Make sure your gates are properly sealed and holes-free so you can block away from all the rodents. 

Lizards often get through windows or backstreet open areas. In the below paragraph, you will learn the uses of natural repellent on windows. 

Use natural repellents 

Here are some natural items that can help you prevent those creatures; Citronella oil, sage, peppermint, lavender, thyme oil, naphthalene balls, Cayenne pepper, Eggshells are great in this case.

Citronella oil, Sage and Peppermint

Citronella oil, sage and Peppermint will help you get rid of insects, place them at every possible crack, entrance spot of insects, cabinets and drawers of your kitchen. Citronella oil prevents mosquitoes as well. Sage and Peppermint’s smell repels cockroaches and similar insects.

Naphthalene balls and cayenne pepper

Naphthalene balls and cayenne pepper will help you against rodents and lizards. Lizards and rodents hate this odour. What you need to do is simply fill Naphthalene balls in a small pouch and hang it at your possible entrance spot of lizards and rodents. For lizards, you can hang eggshells otherwise. 

Mix cayenne pepper in warm water to spray it on lizards and rodents to repel them, spray this mixture on their entrance spots to keep them permanently away from your home. You can use vinegar too against the rodents. It is used when you can’t use any strong chemical repellent in your kitchen.

Cayenne pepper, chilli and warm water mixture can help you against snakes as well. Use this mixture in the commode and sewerage lines of your toilet. 

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Hopefully, you will get some sigh of relief after having those tips to prevent insects, reptiles and rodents. We hope we provided enough information to help you in this matter. If you need further information about similar topics, you may read another helpful blog at JagahOnline.

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