4 Pieces of Advice From A Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is hardly ever a clean and smooth process. There are so many different factors to consider and adding two angry emotional people in the mix doesn’t make divorce lawyer NYC any easier. The cold hard truth is, divorce proceedings are business deals and emotions shouldn’t be mixed in so that both parties get the fairest division of properties and assets. This is where a divorce lawyer steps in and analyzes everything in a fair and calculating manner as well as handles the confusing paperwork in your time of distress.

To make things easier on you, here are a number of things you should prepare for to make the transition easier on you.

4. Joint accounts must be closed

Having your name removed from joint accounts is surprisingly complicated. Most people simply opt for the whole thing to be closed and to simply start from scratch. If your account is overdrawn, however, you will still need to cover the debt and associated fees involved regardless if it was you who over-drew to begin with.

One more thing, since both your names are on the account, you should come to an agreement on how to split the money. Communication is essential because both of you have the option to simply take out all of the money and keep it for yourself; word of caution, unless you want to deal with more problems on top of your divorce, do not do this.

3. Get ready for joint debt

In many instances, divorce lawyer NYC it isn’t only the assets that are split between both parties but also the debt. Both sides usually come out of divorce proceedings having just paid plenty of expenses. Make sure your name is removed from things you no longer need to pay for, utility bills for example, or your ex-spouse could default on a payment and directly affect your credit rating.

2. Get advice in the right places

Plenty of people get advice from their friends, especially if said friends have also come out of a divorce. The problem here is that their advice is based on their own experience but from a legal standpoint, they aren’t taking into account how courts take several factors into consideration when making a decision on who gets what. Such factors include, but aren’t limited to:

• Age of children
• Income
• Job and hours required for it
• Religion
• Special needs of children or parents

No matter how well-meaning the advice given, there is no cookie-cutter approach when it comes to divorce proceedings.

1. Work things out fairly

This would be the hardest piece of advice to follow for all couples going through divorce. Most divorces aren’t mutually discussed agreements and almost always involve one person who has had enough and their partner being caught completely off-guard.

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