4 Reasons why Ruby on Rails is Incomparable for Startups

 4 Reasons why Ruby on Rails is Incomparable for Startups

Ruby on Rails is Incomparable – Being in a startup means something very big these days. It is immensely trendy, modern, and very popular in today’s world. Maximum startups are working in several spheres of the IT environment. Hence they need to use the present-day latest technology. A lot of them are using the Ruby on Rails framework. Ruby on Rails is incomparable for startups since it is certainly one of the most prevalent frameworks. It is definitely in the top three frameworks, which makes it a preferable choice.


Special attention is always paid to the security of the Ruby on Rails framework. Some security features are built into this framework, which makes it enabled by default. Therefore, by using Ruby on Rails, you can follow a Secure Development Lifecycle, which provides an intricate security reassurance process. Hence, a large developer community is essential for keeping the Ruby on Rails up-to-date and testing the safety of Ruby plugins.

According to the surveys, it is very evident that there is no other correspondingly innovative technology for building online products or services which are comparable to Ruby on Rails. It is significant not only from the technology aspect but also about the competent workflow and the capability to build amazing products.It denotes that Ruby on Rails is incomparable for businesses.


While building an IT startup, you will definitely have to consider scalability. Scalability is definitely significant to ramp up the service so that you can control increased loads, which means more requests per minute. Therefore, it is very beneficial for the long term since you will be getting many visitors, and all mobile application builders strive for it. Hence, you should definitely make preparations in advance so that you can make sure that your site can cope with all the additional visitors you are aiming for. For example, Shopify is an e-commerce platform that controls online stores and the POS systems, which is the best example of a scalable IT product built using Ruby on Rails.

Scalability does not specifically depend only on your framework. All these things also depend on your deployment strategy and system. In addition to this, database architecture also plays a significant role in scaling an application. However, Rails does have that great scaling perspective. Especially for starters, Rails is best, especially because of modularity, which divides the system into modules and gems.

If you have an app in which database queries take up lots of resources, you can use Rails to split that application into other functional blocks (micro-services). In addition to this, you can even move a database for a separate server or Amazon RDS. Hence, it significantly means that you can scale your app to accommodate additional requests.

Best Quality

All IT startups attempt to attain exceptional quality with zero bugs and problems which might disappoint the end-users. Hence, Ruby on Rails encourages bug-free development; therefore Minitest tool is specifically built into Rails core. In addition to this, Minitest is a complete test suite that offers several valuable testing features, which comprise expectation syntax and test benchmarking.

Moreover, Ruby on Rails web hosting  increases the test-driven development (TDD) along with the behaviour-driven development (BDD) tactics. TDD and BDD address the principles that help automate tests and then code afterwards. Such kinds of approaches are strictly followed since they offer you a guaranteed 100% code coverage using tests and suitable software architecture.

In addition to this, test-driven development makes sure that you are able to attain tremendous software quality. However, it successfully cuts down the development costs by decreasing the development time by avoiding all types of bugs. Ruby on Rails also emphasizes software engineering with the finest practices that are hard to find in other frameworks. Hence Ruby on Rails is incomparable for businesses as well as startups.

Time Efficiency:

Ruby on Rails is completely connected with startups since it provides you with a framework that offers you ready-made plugins as well as modules. Therefore it allows the developers to start creating a web app without even using code. As a result, Ruby on Rails teams builds apps 30-40% faster in comparison with other teams using programming languages and frameworks.

Ruby on Rails is incomparablespecifically because of its consistency. Using Ruby on Rails allows the developers to follow a standardized file specifically for storing and programming conventions. Hence it helps to keep your project organized and readable. Hence its maintainable codebase clearly denotes that your developers will need comparatively less time for updating the code in future.

In addition to this, Ruby on Rails is especially based on MVC (Model–View–Controller) design pattern, which helps in supporting fast project development. Therefore, the MVC pattern facilitates parallel development, allowing the team to work professionally. For example, one developer is able to work on several controllers, whereas the others work on the models. Such workflow lets the team change applications more than three times faster in comparison with other design patterns.

An MVC design also allows splitting an app’s business logic so that it does not extend on numerous MVC components. It clearly means that you can follow an MVC pattern to prevent developers from building redundant code and spaghetti code. The MVC pattern maintains a codebase that is extremely easy to read, especially for other development teams.

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