4 trendy wardrobe laminate design to consider in 2021

 4 trendy wardrobe laminate design to consider in 2021

4 trendy wardrobe laminate design to consider in 2021

In recent years, designer laminates have become broadly popular surfacing materials for furniture, walls, flooring, and other decor elements in the home. Available in a wide range of colours, textures, and finishes, they are taking everyone’s notice for their unmatched aesthetics and durability. When choosing Royale Touche’s designer laminates, you have an even more exclusive collection to satisfy your creative instincts, no matter what colour, style, or feel it takes.

Wardrobes occupy a designated space in the home, bringing décor to the interior design and ease to life. From the design perspective, it must incorporate a look and style that reflects your taste and status. If your existing wardrobe is exposed to scratches, dents, or even if it looks monotonous, you can revive it with wardrobe laminates procured from the best laminate brand in India. It will cost you much lower than replacing the old wardrobe with a new one. Moreover, you can do it all in a matter of hours without spending much on the installation costs. With durability and long-lasting gloss being two of their recognized features, designer wardrobe laminates find multiple applications in homes and offices. In this blog, we will be discussing four trendy wardrobe laminate designs that run parallel to the trends of 2021.

Make a Statement with Bold Laminate Design

A well-furnished interior design is proportional to the wardrobe sitting in the room. Giving it a bold laminate design is the idea behind leaving a statement. It will bring sophistication and elegance to the interior style. If you have wall-mounted wardrobes in your home, opt for different shades of grey, red, or blue with outlines of darker colours on the edges to simulate a bold look. Designer laminates do not either limit you from applying any bold design in the wardrobe.

Be Modest yet Stylish with White

If white is your all-time favourite, no other colour can be as charming as it is for you. Whether plain white or printed leaves you fascinated, you have plenty of laminate designs available to choose from for the decor you want. With a white laminate design in your wardrobe, you can add simplicity and calmness to the ambiance.

Choose Nature-inspired Laminate Design

If natural tones stimulate your senses, explore a few shades and textures of wood laminates to refurbish your wardrobe in style. This laminate design goes equally well with all types of shelves and cabinets. These designer laminates can simulate natural wood, engineered wood, hardwood, and plywood to create a visual hallucination, taking your home decor to the next level.

Opt for the Dark Elegance

Wardrobe laminates let you be as creative as you can. Dark tones can also cast a spell when applied artistically. No matter how dark it has to be, hues should go friendly with the ceiling, flooring, and furniture style and colour. The enhanced radiance and gloss of dark-coloured wardrobe laminates will add extra charm to the interior. With this laminate design, you can give a distinguished look to your home décor Learn More


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