4 Types Of Prints That You Can Use For Your Business

 4 Types Of Prints That You Can Use For Your Business

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The advertising game is always one step ahead in developing creative ways to attract the market. We live in a digital world where the internet serves as the perfect medium to market and showcase your brand. Yet, photo printing services remain one of the sectors that businesses rely on.

It’s true, though, that online marketing does feed in enough information to the user’s brain. However, the physical prints that we see in real life have a different impact compared to the ones we engage with virtually. In fact, non-virtual prints lead us, users, to act and learn more about a product online. 

Professional photo printing businesses serve as the middle-man in helping businesses to thrive and be known. Without them, it won’t only be hard for businesses to reach their target market. But also, fail to deliver a unique and exciting product experience. 

If you think that your business needs more recognition, here are 4 effective and helpful prints that you can use for your venture.

1. Road advertisements and posters

If your business is still considered a ‘baby company,’ it’s likely that you need to reach more market for brand recognition. Unless you’ve established a really strong reputation right away, road advertisements and posters can be disregarded.

But, if we are to look at the advertising moves of big and well-established brands, they still use road advertisements and posters. For some business owners, this might come off as a waste of money that could have been used for better resources. The thing is, road advertisements and posters are very effective. 

There’s a reason these types of prints still exist up to this day. One is, road advertisements don’t only serve as a tool to bring brand awareness. It also serves as entertainment for drivers. In other words, they are made to catch people’s attention on the road. 

Posters are made for the same reason. If you’re wondering how come these two are so effective, here’s the thing. Things that we see regularly stay in our unconscious thoughts for as long as they can. Despite whether we gave attention to it or not. Unconsciously, we choose to go for the brand that we often see and know because we are familiar with how they are being marketed. If you want to achieve this level of awareness to your target market, choose a professional printing shop that offers a good deal and great print quality.

2. T-shirt and canvas prints

If you operate a physical store or you run a business that is somehow known already, there’s a simple way for you to up your brand recognition strategy. If you have a business logo, this is even better. One thing that you could do is have your ‘image’ printed on t-shirts and other available canvas prints.

For your physical store, have your employees use the t-shirts as the standard uniform. For networking and brand awareness, use it as a gift to give your family, friends, and relatives. Just like how road advertisements and posters work, t-shirts and canvas prints work the same.

This is even better if you have a unique logo that you can use as your brand image. Since most people value aesthetics more than anything else, try to incorporate fashion and simplicity into your t-shirt and canvas prints. Try to design one that everyone can use and not just your employees. 

There are a lot of photo printing shops that provide fabric and canvas services. Usually, professional photo printing businesses offer bundles for bulk orders. If you ever wish to have road advertisements or posters and brand t-shirt prints, go for a high-quality photo printing service that also offers a great deal. 

3. Business cards

In the corporate world, business cards serve as a business ID that connects people. This ID opens doors for potential partnerships that benefit both parties. There’s honestly a sad reality for business cards. A lot of those that were given and exchanged for ends up in a card pile. Unless you work in sales or networking, business cards are sometimes disregarded.

But, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have one. It’s a vital card that a business should have. There are a lot of great reasons business cards are being used. Aside from professionalism, you make it easy for people to reach you. When you give out business cards, you build a door for your potential partners to enter. 

There’s something you can do to avoid your cards ending up in a pile that probably won’t be looked at again. One thing is to make your business card as unique as you can. Usually, business cards are designed to follow a certain format. How about you design yours to have all of the important details, but at the same time leave an impression on whoever will receive it?

You don’t have to make your business card look like a flyer. You can make it unique by choosing a different finish. Or you can choose a colour that represents your brand but has a unique colour to complement it. Or maybe, have an embossed logo or words. It’s up to you to be creative in how you’ll execute it. 

4. Magazines, catalogues, or informational booklets

Though a lot of magazines are now published digitally, there are still people who prefer printed and concrete covers to read on. This is more effective especially if you run a physical retail store. It would be nice to have some catalogues that are magazine-like for your customers to get and check out. 

If you run a fashion-related business, this is something that you can implement. You don’t have to make your brand or product magazine a big one. It’s up to you how you like to do it. You can have a catalogue that is the size of a notebook. 

There are a lot of finishes and sizes that you can choose from in photo printing shops. Maybe if you’d like to go extra and somehow unique, you can have unique product photos for film processing. Then, have it printed in a big transparent size where the customers can put each printed transparent film on a body on the ‘magazine’ and see how the item would look when worn. 

You can also go for informational booklets if you like. Booklets are helpful and can serve as an information book for your customers. Maybe you can include all of the details of each product that you offer for the season. Or maybe, a little side-story of your business’ history. 

Make your print unique and useful so it can work to your advantage 

The ones I discussed above are just some of the prints that you can use for your business. Of course, there are more options for you to choose from. If you have the time, go drop a visit to a professional photo printing shop that you’d like to do business with. 

It will help you to have more creative ideas and options that you can utilise for your business. Remember, it’s important to emanate your brand and uniqueness on your prints. Try to avoid wasting money on unnecessary prints. Instead, work on them so that they can work to your advantage in the long run. 

About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for DS Colour Labs Ltd (DSCL), a professional photography lab that offers a vast range of products and services to aid every photographer’s needs. She is a massive lover of Japanese cuisine and enjoys binge-watching comedies or variety shows.


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