4 Ways to Combine Quality and Flavor in Premium Cigars

 4 Ways to Combine Quality and Flavor in Premium Cigars

However, finding a brand of cigars is not an easy task. It involves visiting tobacco shops and trusting the salesperson’s advice. More often than not one will be offered either the most expensive or the cheapest product, as though price and quality were mutually exclusive. Additionally, customers may feel unsatisfied if the cigars purchased do not match their tastes and expectations.

Windy City Cigars is the ideal platform to order cigars online. Customers rely on Windy City Cigars to find the brand that is right for them.

This article explores four reasons why Windy City Cigars is the go-to place for premium buying cigars online.

1. Caters For A Wide Range Of Tastes
About The Quality

Premium Cigars

Accessible Marketplace

First of all, Windy City Cigars offers an effective and efficient way to source cigars. The selection of brands and prices serves a diverse range of customers. Moreover, ordering any type of cigar from any brand in any quantity is a click away.

Suitable for all experience levels

Secondly, Windy City Cigars is where anyone can learn to taste the different flavor notes and enrich their smoking experience. It doesn’t matter whether one wants to get into cigars for the first time or is a seasoned smoker already. 

There is such a wide range of products on offer that Windy City Cigars can cater to customers at any step in the cigar journey. For example, it is better to start with a light-bodied cigar than with a dark oily wrapper. Windy City Cigars suggests exploring the Dutch Masters President Deluxe for a classic mild, mellow flavor, or Sancho Panza Matador if one is looking for a rich, robust cigar instead. Additionally, all users are encouraged to take note of every tasting experience for a more fulfilling smoking journey.

2.Partners With The Best Brands
About The Quality

Partners With The Best Brands

Best Place To Find Premium Cigars Online

Windy City Cigars is on a mission to be the number one online marketplace to find the highest quality brands. 

It’s because reputable brands add to the appeal and class of the proficient gentleman. This is because brands mean quality and flavor. But, most importantly, it’s because the feeling of style that comes along when smoking a premium cigar is unmatched. Whether celebrating a triumph or simply gathering with friends, a cigar can make the experience much more memorable.

Examples Of Highly Demanded Cigars

Arturo Fuente and Montecristo are two of the many long-standing champions with whom Windy City Cigars has partnered.

Firstly, Arturo Fuente’s premium cigars have provided one of the best Dominican Republic tobacco experiences since 1912. They are 100% pure tobacco and handcrafted to perfection. The excellent wrapper, filler, and binder are the key to a sweet and slightly spicy aroma. Furthermore, it is affordable and a must-try for someone seeking true quality.

Another brilliant brand on offer is Montecristo cigars. Their tobacco is sourced from the famous Pinar del Rio region of Cuba.  The notes of pepper and spice coupled with a slight hint of almond and cheddar are symbolic of the heritage of traditional Cuba. In addition, Montecristo cigars provide an intensifying smoking experience making every puff worthwhile.

3. Provides In-depth Cigar Descriptions

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Premium Cigars

About The Quality

Windy City Cigars ensures products are described to their finest detail. The world of premium cigars can be a difficult one to navigate. On the one hand, there are endless choices available, and on the other, there are confusing messages claiming “all tobacco is the same.” Windy City Cigars allows the customer to navigate the maze of information fatigue and misinformation through spot-on descriptions.

As prices are not always a reliable indicator of qualities, descriptions such as appearance and aroma are essential to sense the quality of a cigar before purchasing it. Windy City Cigars ensures the customer understands the level of flavor, sophistication, and complexity that every cigar entails.

About The Taste

Customers should always make informed choices about the strength and flavor they pick. For example, a full-bodied cigar might make the smoke seem too intense. Moreover, a heavy flavor might overstimulate the palate feeling like a big shot of espresso. Windy City Cigars makes buy cigars online smooth and user-friendly for any customer wishing to experience different tastes. 

4. Believes In Customer Empowerment

Believes In Customer Empowerment

Encourages Reviews For Cigar Performance

Windy City Cigars is a reputable online cigar store that encourages openness and honest feedback. Other customers can learn which brands people prefer and how well sure cigars perform by reading reviews. 

Encourages Knowledge Sharing

Cigars are like wine: before being boxed for the customer, they have followed a lengthy production process. Such a process might have taken years, and a few dozen hands and customers are the honest judges of the final output. Therefore, Windy City Cigars encourages full transparency about the real-life experiences of its customers.


Cigars are about having an enjoyable classy experience and Windy City Cigars is committed to serving the lovers of the leaf. 

First, it caters to a wide range of tastes. Second, it selectively collaborates with the most well-known and long-standing cigar brands. Finally, it empowers the customer to make informed decisions about the quality and flavor of its premium cigars through in-depth product descriptions and transparent reviews.

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