5 AC Tips to Follow in Karachi During a Heatwave

 5 AC Tips to Follow in Karachi During a Heatwave

A heatwave is coming! Are you prepared for it? Make sure your air conditioning unit is in good condition to make your home cold and comfortable. If you have been ignoring it since last summer, you must find some time to get it maintained.

You can service your AC yourself or book AC services in Karachi for effective and efficient maintenance. It will make your air conditioning unit function optimally and make your house cool during sweltering hot days of a heatwave.

Tips for Your AC Maintenance During a Heatwave

If you are living in Karachi and waiting for a heatwave barehanded, you might be going to face a hard time. Long hot days of summer can make your life unpleasant if your AC is not in well-maintained condition. You can maintain it without wasting any more time by following these important tips:

1.      Change or Replace the Filters

If your room is not cooling at all or taking longer than usual, check whether the filters are clean or not. In the case of dirty filters, you can clean the filters on your own as this does not require any professional skills.

On the other hand, if the air filters are too dirty or worn out that they need to be replaced, you should replace them. Replacing the dirty air filters can revive the cool air in your home.

But if the problem persists even after changing the air filters, then the issue resides somewhere else. Now it is time to book electrician services in Karachi to inspect and repair your AC.

Professional service providers can look into the matter effectively and find out what is the actual problem. They not only rectify the issue but also make sure that it does not happen again.

2.      Check if Your AC is Frozen

Sometimes, when you keep your air conditioner running continuously for longer times, it can freeze. It means the unit’s evaporator coil freezes over time and your AC does not cool down your room.

If your AC is not cooling as usual, you can check whether it is frozen or not. How can you check? Place your hand on the side of your air conditioning unit where there are filters. If it feels extremely cold, then it is almost frozen inside.

The solution is simple. Just switch off your AC and switch on your ceiling or pedestal fan. In this way, your AC will find time to defrost the evaporator coil. When the evaporator coil comes to its normal condition, your AC will start cooling your room.

In the meantime, you can make sure that the filters of your unit are dust-free. If these are clean and tidy, it is good. But if these are not, clean them so that they can let the cool air pass through.

3.      Check the Vents

If you have a central air conditioning unit at your home, it can happen that only one room is not cooling while all the others are. You do not need to worry! It might be due to dust or dirt accumulated in the vents.

You can check the vents on your own or book handyman services to look into the matter. If there is dust or debris that is not letting the cool air enter your room, clean it properly.

You should unscrew the vent carefully and scoop out all the debris that is blocking the air passage. In this way, the cool air will come to your room too and you can enjoy the luxury of cold air during a heatwave.

4.      Schedule Regular Maintenance

During extremely hot days of a heatwave, you must keep your conditioning system up to the mark. You can do this by scheduling regular maintenance by professionals.

Professionals can locate minor problems beforehand and can resolve them on time. And these small issues never develop into bigger problems that can become an itch in your brain.

Each and everything in your air conditioning system is examined. If there is any fault, it is recovered as soon as possible.

5.      Book a Professional

If you have tried all the above-given tips and tricks, but the problem still persists, it is time to book professional AC technicians for a thorough inspection and repair.

You can book skilled personnel through Mahir Company, which is a trusted online platform to solve your AC problems. Experienced service providers assess the problem effectively and devise a plan to rectify it.

You should not waste time trying to repair your unit on your own. You can damage it if you do not have professional skills and tools. In this way, you may end up spending a lot of money on expensive repairs.

Therefore, do not consider yourself an electrician, instead, book a professional technician to look into the matter. He can detect the problems beforehand and resolve them for the better.

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