5 Amazing Secrets of Car Washing You Must Know | Car Wash Services

 5 Amazing Secrets of Car Washing You Must Know | Car Wash Services

Have you ever thought about how professionals manage to make your car look shiny and as new as it was at the start? Is it magical? No. It is all about some amazing secrets of car washing that professionals know, but you do not. But it does not mean you can not learn these secrets. Yes, you can. Professional car wash services in Lahore have enlisted these amazing car washing secrets for you. You can give this article a read to find out how you should wash your car excellently.

Amazing Car Washing Secrets You Must Know

If you want your car to look new again, you should improve your method of washing. You might be using some old useless ways that can damage your car’s paint and texture. Therefore, read this article to find out fantastic secrets about car washing:

1. Vacuuming Your Car’s Top First

Many car owners might think that, first of all, they should vacuum the carpets of the car. Because the difficult job should be is done first. But it is not the case.

After you clean your car’s top, you then move towards cleaning your car’s seats and dashboard. And while doing so, all the dust and dirt will fall back on the carpets again.

It will make your cleaned carpets dirty again, which can increase your work. That is why car wash services in Lahore follow a series of steps in car detailing to get the most from it.

Hence, if you are washing your car at home, always start vacuuming from your car’s top. It will make the whole process easygoing.

2. Using the Detailer’s Brush

No doubt, vacuuming removes all the dust from the outer surfaces of the exterior and interior. But when it comes to dashboard and console cleaning, you can not remove 100 per cent dust by vacuuming. The reason is that these contain a lot of grooves and gaps.

To clean such places, you have to use a particular cleaning brush which is designed to do so. It can reach deeper and remove dust more appropriately.

So, you should use this detailer’s brush to clean your car’s dashboard, or you can book car detailing experts. They have all the necessary tools to clean your car properly.

3. Rinsing with Water Before Wash

Many car owners start scrubbing the soap on their car’s surface with a sponge. And they end up scratching their car’s surface and paint. How did this happen?

Do not worry! It is not magical. The reason is that your car’s surface contains a lot of dust and dirt. When you start scrubbing the soap, it makes the particles scratch your car’s paint. It can make your car look dull and outdated.

Therefore, you should rinse your car’s surface with water first to remove all the dust and dirt. After thorough rinsing, you can apply soap and detergents.

You can also book car detailing services for further recommendations and suggestions. Car wash experts can advise you properly because they have years-long experience and training.

Moreover, do not use polluted water to rinse your car. It can add more dust and dirt to your car. And when you rub it by applying soaps and detergents, it can scratch your car.

You can also not get the desired results and end up leaving your car washed ineffectively. So, you should avoid making such mistakes to keep your car in good condition.

4. Using Microfiber Mitt Instead of Sponge

When you use a sponge for washing your car, the grit gets trapped in it which can scratch your car’s paint. It can also damage your car’s paint and can make it peel off. Your car may start looking unattractive. Is not it scary?

You can avoid this situation by taking a wiser step, which is using a microfiber mitt instead of a sponge. The microfiber mitt does not have larger pores which can trap grit. Therefore, there will be no scratching agents that can damage your car’s paint.

5. Not Using Household Detergents

Sometimes, you want to save a little bit of money and use the household detergents and kitchen soaps for washing your car. It not only can damage your car’s paint but also can fade its shine.

You might also end up using some counterfeit cleaning products suggested by TV advertisements. But it is not the right idea. Instead, you should use cleaning products suggested by professionals.

If you do not know how to find and use quality cleaning products, do not worry. You can find an expert by typing “ car wash services near me” in your search engine. Professional service providers use high-quality cleaning products that can make your look striking.

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