5 Best Golf Exercises to Improve Your Game

 5 Best Golf Exercises to Improve Your Game

Research shows that leisure sports like golf actually produce more injuries than aggressive sports like rugby and football.

One way that you can reduce your risk of injury while out on the course is to practice golf exercises regularly.

If you don’t have a golf training routine in place already, now is a great time to start. Listed below are 5 excellent golf exercises you can start practicing today.

1. Seated Torso Rotations

Seated torso rotations help to increase your core strength, improve your rotational mobility, and reduce your chances of hurting your back during your golf downswing.

To do this exercise, sit upright on a bench with a towel between your knees. Hold a golf club behind you in the crook of your elbows with your palms flat on your stomach. Twist your torso without moving your knees, holding for two seconds on each side.

2. Standing Ys

Standing Ys improves your shoulder strength and mobility.

To do standing Ys correctly, bend at the waist while standing and hold a golf club in front of you with your palms facing up. Raise the club straight overhead so your arms form a Y shape, then slowly bring them back down.

3. Medicine Ball Throws

Medicine ball throws help to strengthen your core and make it easier for you to perform a powerful, explosive swing.

Hold a medicine ball at waist level and stand about 3 feet away from a solid wall. Rotate your torso away from the wall, then thrust your hips toward it to initiate the throw.

Be sure to do the same number of reps (10 is a good starting point) on each side to prevent imbalances.

4. Hand Walks

Hand walks help to prevent issues like golfer’s elbow. They can also improve your shoulder mobility during your golf backswing.

To do this exercise, start in a standing position. Then, bend forward at the waist until your hands touch the ground.

Walk out with your hands until you’re in a pushup position. Then, walk your toes forward toward your hands while keeping your knees straight.

5. Mini-Band Walk

A mini-band walk is good for the hips, legs, and core.

To do this exercise, wrap a mini band around your upper thighs. Then, bend your knees to lower into a half-squat position and take 10 slow, controlled steps to the right, followed by 10 slow, controlled steps to the left. Keep your knees bent the whole time.

How Often Should You Do These Exercises?

Aim to do these exercises at least 3 times per week. For most people, 3 sets of 10 reps of each exercise will help them to increase strength, improve mobility, and feel more confident stepping onto the course.

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Prep for the Driving Range with These Golf Exercises

Are you ready to level up your golf swing? With these golf exercises, you’ll be sure to wow all your friends the next time you hit the course!

For more tips on how to improve your golf game, head to the Sports section today for more helpful resources.

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