5 Best things to do in Vancouver

 5 Best things to do in Vancouver


Visit in Vancouver

If planning to visit Vancouver, then know what are the things to do. This city is laced with forest trails, the beach, and Stanley Park to stroll. Come here to know about the culture, cuisine, and cocktails of old Vancouver. Since very old times, Vancouver has been welcoming its visitors with so many fun things to do.

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  1. Climb Grouse Mountain

This attraction is the Peak of Vancouver and a year-round alpine recreational playground. You can find the epic Grouse Grind hike and zip lining in Vancouver in the summer. Some prefer skiing in Vancouver in winter when the mountain has no shortage of year-round activities on offer. also, you can catch vital cultural and educational hubs as well. People come here to sightsee wildlife sanctuary or take in a world-famous lumberjack show or even have the best breakfast in Vancouver.

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  1. Go Whale Watching

If you are fond of marine animals, then this can be a fascinating one for you! Watch the big cities offering lifetime wildlife, especially between March and September. These seasons are best to find the top Vancouver whale-watching tours in full stride. Also, the outside of Vancouver harbor offers killer whales, humpback whales, and all sorts of Pacific wildlife to last a lifetime. You can also have a half-day tours roll state-of-the-art boats and even food and drinks here!

  1. Cross the Capilano Suspension Bridge

This bridge is the top tourist attraction that can string you on a line through old-growth rainforest. This bridge is standing at 280 feet above the thundering, and salmon-filled Capilano River. Get a feeling of a roller coaster without even a slight drop in altitude. More than 800,000 people come here who traverse North Vancouver’s Capilano Suspension Bridge every year.

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  1. Take an Aerial Tour of the City

This aerial tour would give you the most of Vancouver’s beauty together these 20-minute Vancouver seaplane tours are a great option. Opt for right in front of Canada Place and the Vancouver Cruise Terminal, or hop into a cruise past Stanley Park and the Lions Gate Bridge. You can also trace the majestic Coast Mountains and later visit the circle back for views of Vancouver’s beaches and cityscape.

  1. Take in the Museum of Anthropology

The museum can be a learning spot for many of you! Visit this museum to get into the rich history of the Northwest Coast First Nations. At this place, know the answers in the art and archaeology at MOA. Enjoy your day- trip here with your family!

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