5 Essential Safety Signs For Workplace

 5 Essential Safety Signs For Workplace

Safety signs are extremely crucial for workplaces. Whether you own an office or a factory, hazard warning signs are a priority. This is because these signs help keep everyone out of danger and make sure that work flows properly. In case you are confused about what signs you should have at your workplace, this article is for you. Here are a few important safety and warning signs that every workplace must have.

Prohibition Signs

These signs are installed to prohibit any action. It instructs the person to not complete a certain task within a certain area. The prohibition signs are used universally and are recognised as a sign board with a red circle having a diagonal line. The signs have a plain, black pictogram which shows action and a red rhbition circle. You can also see red borders on the sign boards but the text will always be black for maximum clarity. Prohibition sign boards are usually used to convey messages like—

  • No entry
  • No eating or drinking
  • No smoking
  • Do not use
  • Unauthorised personnel not allowed

Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs are the exact opposite of prohibition signs. As the name suggests, they are used to convey messages about what is necessary or what is compulsory to be followed. They are displaced in the areas where one is indicated to follow a certain instruction. Such instructions can be crucial and important for the health and safety of the people. Just like any other safety hazard signs, mandatory signs have white base color with pictograms in blue or black color. These visuals communicate instructions that are necessary to be followed. Mandatory signs convey messages like—

  • Always use
  • Guards must be used
  • Protection must be worn
  • Always wash hands
  • Protective equipment must be worn

Warning Signs

You may find many warning signs in the factories. They are self explanatory. They explain about the upcoming hazard and related conditions so that the readers can exercise caution. Warning signs generally come in yellow color and use black pictogram inside a triangle as a hazard symbol. It is highly advised to use yellow base color only for these signs. Electrical warning signs, injury warning signs etc are some of the common warning signs. 

Danger Signs

Danger signs are similar to hazard warning signs but they warn against more life threatening dangers. Danger signs are important instructions that workers should follow and be aware of. If ignored, these signs can lead to immediate risk or danger. Danger sign boards have white base color with DANGER written on the top in a black rectangle or red oval shape. This sign alerts people about the threats and reminds them about protecting their life. Some of the common danger signs convey messages like—

  • Do not enter
  • High voltage area
  • Acid
  • Toxic
  • Crush zone

Emergency Information Signs

Emergency information signs are known as informative signs. They basically inform the potential employees about the emergency facility nearby. They signify the presence of emergency exits, first aid kits etc to the people in need. Emergency signs have pictograms and texts on green base color. In these signs green is a must. Some of the emergency signs boards are used for—

  • Fire extinguishers
  • First aid
  • Emergency exits
  • Emergency telephone
  • Assembly area
  • Emergency shower
  • Lifeboat

Final Words

It is highly recommended to have hazard warning signs at the workplace because this is a matter of life and death. Safety signs ensure safety and health of employees. In case you are confused about what safety signs to have for your workplace, find professionals who can guide you with right signs today.

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