5 fun Activities your dog will enjoy

 5 fun Activities your dog will enjoy

Dogs make the best company since they are adorable and easy to get along with. Enjoying activities with your four-legged friend can not only helps you bond with them more closely but also keeps them mentally and physically active and healthy.

You can keep your pup’s tail wagging with a variety of activities, whether you recently got a new puppy, need ideas for a pet sitting job, or just want to give your dog some new things to do.

This can also serve as a great Instagram moment for you and your fluff ball. Here are a few ideas to take inspiration from

Fun With The Pup

Spend The Day At A Beach

Unlike some canines, there are a few who enjoy the feel of water. For such furry friends, take a day out swimming and play on the beach. If a beach is too far, a lake will be just as fun. But before you start, ensure the place is pet friendly and that you have a dog life jacket for your pet on hand.

Go For A Bike Ride As A Group

Riding a bike with your four-legged friend on a leash is more difficult than what you might expect, so practice before hitting the bike route. Some canines can fit in a bike basket, whereas others like to run beside you. Evaluate your pet’s physical size and fitness and begin slowly. You’ll soon be on a roll once you both get the hang of it.

Try a Boat Ride

Prepare to have a good time but don’t forget the safety gear for yourself and a cute dog life jacket, as swimming does not come easy to all pets. It’s best to ease your pup into sports like these, as it can be a little overwhelming at the beginning. Try a small boat first, and you can eventually take your little friend for a real splash.

Give Your Dog A Mani-Pedi

Your friend needs a relaxing session just as much as you do. You can do the nail trimming yourself, but how about some nail colour? Why not add a dash of colour to your dog’s claws for some added flair? Colour polishes are available in a wide range of shades that are safe for your pets too. It also makes for a perfect Instagram story as #pawsibilities

Take Your Pet To A Dog Park

The most fun can be at surprise gatherings, especially those involving dogs. Find the local park where dogs are allowed off-leash, and take your pet there so it can socialise with other dogs. It is possible that they will end up being the most entertaining guests in the group or just end up finding another playmate that matches their level of energy.


Dogs are capable of understanding human body language and quickly learning new habits. A shared routine with your furry pals is a lot of joy. If you meditate or play a sport regularly, they may eventually join you. Pick a place that you can both relax in. Since your pet enjoys spending time with you, you may expect them to seek you out.

Remember that you can’t teach a habit to your dog in one day, be patient and just enjoy the journey.

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