5 Insane Ways To Grow Your Amazon Store and Double Sales

 5 Insane Ways To Grow Your Amazon Store and Double Sales

Setting up an Amazon store is no longer a daunting task, especially with the advent of platforms like Shopify that allow merchants to create a store in a jiffy. However, if you want to grow your online store and double sales, you have to look beyond product data entry, Amazon catalog management, and other trivial tasks. You need to learn some simple yet powerful ways to give your Amazon store the much-required push, especially when your sales start declining or hit a plateau. In this informative post, we will walk you through five insane ways to boost your Amazon sales without toiling hard. 

Let’s get started. 

#1 Create Urgency 

Nothing is more effective than creating an urgency to give your customers an adrenaline rush. For instance, if you run a flash sale on your Amazon store for just 8 hours or showcase that the product is in limited supply and can last for a day or two – this will create a sense of urgency and customers are more likely to buy from you. 

Some Effective Ways To Create Urgency and Drive Sales 

  • Show scarcity of product sizes 
  • Use a countdown timer when running a flash sale 
  • Only ‘X’ items are remaining  

You can also leverage email marketing and send newsletters to your customers creating urgency. This will not only improve your email opening rate but also drive your sales, conversions, and profits. 

#2 Use Extensions For Bulk Product Uploading and Optimization 

When it comes to product uploading and Amazon listing optimization, you should always bank upon an extension, particularly if you have hundreds of products. Since manually bulk product uploading and optimization can not only rob your product time but also put a dent on your profits. Ergo, it is strongly suggested to choose the right extension or opt for Amazon product listing services from a specialized vendor. Having an expert on your side can not only make catalog management a breeze but also optimize your store to drive your sales, profits, and ROI. 

#3 Add Social Proof

Another simple yet powerful trick that can help you grow your Amazon store is adding social proof. The best way to earn the trust of potential buyers and help them in making a buying decision is showcasing the feedback or reviews of your customers. Reviews have the potential to influence the buying decision and around 66% of customers have admitted that online reviews help them trust in a brand. 

The easiest way to up your social proof game is reaching out to customers who have had a delightful shopping experience from your Amazon store and ask them to share their shopping experience. You can also email your loyal customers and ask them to write a testimonial for your Amazon store. Once you receive the testimonials from your customers, you may hire data entry specialists who know how to refine customer reviews for an Amazon store. 

#4 Go Mobile 

With the dramatic rise of smartphones in the last few years, the shopping behavior of customers has also changed. Today, consumers prefer to buy from their smartphones. In fact, the m-commerce market growth is predicted to grow with a  CAGR of 27% between 2020-2025. If you want to grow your Amazon store and increase your sales and conversions, you should opt for mobile responsiveness. Hire an expert who can provide a frictionless shopping experience to your customers on their mobile devices. Irrespective of the screen size or resolution

#5 Run a Contest 

Hosting contests on your website or social media networks is one of the most effective ways. To capture the email address of your prospective buyers. Once you have collected the emails of prospects, you can turn the leads into customers. By sending a newsletter offering discounts like a 50% discount on 1st order. You can also collaborate with an influencer of your niche and organize a giveaway. To expand the reach of your newly launched products or brand.    

Wrapping Up 

To accelerate your Amazon business, you must follow the above-mentioned practices. That will not only help you optimize your store but also drive your store’s traffic, sales, and profits. These insane ways promise to grow your Amazon business and multifold your conversions.

However, if you wish to make your store responsive or organize a successful giveaway. Connect with certified Amazon development professionals of Data4Amazon. Our experts have hands-on experience of optimizing Amazon PPC Services and doubling sales. Get in touch with our experts at info@data4amazon.com.

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