5 Most Popular December Global Holidays and Their Symbolism

 5 Most Popular December Global Holidays and Their Symbolism

The month of December has the higher number of multicultural holidays as compared to any other month. With the most universal and popular holidays such as Christmasj, Omisoka etc., this month is also call “world of holidays.” Here, we will discuss about some of the most well-known December Global Holidays. Check them out:


According to Christian religion, Christmas is celebrating as the birth date of Jesus Christ. It is celebrating both as a culture and as religion. From both perspectives, the traditions are different among countries and cultures all over the world. Americans arrange the Christmas trees at homes and community centers with different lights and gifts under them. They also create special landscape design with snow and go to Santa Claus.

On the other hand, the event of Christmas in Australia comes in summer season. They enjoy camping and go to beaches during Christmas holidays. Some people also arrange the Christmas Bush like a Christmas tree.

In UK, the holidays of Christmas is celebrating in the same way as in USA, but in spite of putting cookies and candies near Christmas tree, they use brandy and mince pie as an alternative to give to the Christmas Father.

In Iceland, the markets become the winter cultural centers and there are thirteen Santa for kids, one comes daily in night thirteen days before Christmas. He leaves the gifts in windows of every home in night.


There are eight holidays in this event. It is a Jewish event. It is to honor the devotion of the Second Jerusalem Temple after Maccabean Revolution. The people who contribute in the devotion, they said it a great miracle for them. Despite the fact that the candles were able to keep burning for only 1 day because there was not enough oil, but still, the candles keep burning for 8 days.

It is also called an event of lights or candles. It stars on 25 Kislev according to Hebrew diary. This celebration is all about lighting the menorahs. Every night, a new menorah is place with the previous ones after every sunset. The lastly added menorah is known as the helper to keep burning the others. Normally, the holy book is recited and people cook and serve the Hanukkah foods. These foods are for example, potato pan-cake and sweet-filled donut. At this event, people exchange gifts among family and friends and play with dreidls.


It is an African festival. It is the beginning of harvest season. By word, it means “the first fruit”. People sing and dance in groups and cook traditional foods to serve friends and family.

Boxing Day

It is celebrating on every 26th Dec. publically in many countries. It is actually a sports holiday rather than a cultural holiday. The football and racing competitions are nationally. There are different traditions among different counties.


It is a Japanese event that is just like New Year’s Eve. It is the last day of year according to their colander. People gather in this night around large pots to eat long noodles and they enter the new year eating this dish. Read more here December Global Holidays.

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