5 Must-Have Decor Items for a Bridal Shower

 5 Must-Have Decor Items for a Bridal Shower

Throwing a shower for the bride-to-be is one of the best ways to honor a loved one with attention as the big day approaches. In addition to great food and drink and fun activities, you are also going to need to plan the decor for the event. Here are five must-have decor items for your bridal shower.


While balloons may seem like a basic decor item, there are several ways that you can add a little flavor to this idea to make them stand out. You do not have to settle for ordinary colored helium balloons. For a more personalized touch, consider ordering special balloons with the bride’s new last name.

LED balloons to combine the fun and whimsy of a typical balloon arrangement with an ethereal quality, lighting up the room with a twinkling glow. Or go with the trendy balloon arch in the same colors that the couple is using at their wedding. When you think beyond basic balloons, you can see how you can use these to create any type of vibe.

Decor for the Guest of Honor

The point of a bridal shower is to honor the bride. Choosing decor that makes her feel special on this day is both practical and on-trend. Start with making a custom chair cover for where the bride will sit as she is showered with gifts and attention. She will feel extra special if she has a designated decorated seat for the festivities.

It is also fun to make the bride a special crown or sash to wear during the festivities. Anything that rightfully makes the guest of honor feels celebrated will work into any decor and signal that this is an elevated gathering.

Pictures of the Happy Couple

One of the best ways to celebrate the happy couple is to use their smiling faces to decorate the shower venue. There are a variety of ways that you can pull this off. You can make a photo collage on a corkboard and display it at the entrance or the food table. Or ask the guests to submit their favorite pictures of the bride and use those to decorate.

Or you can select some of the bride’s favorite pictures and turn them into HD metal prints. For the most variety, use a mix of candid and posed photos of the bride and her groom. These pictures will add a personal touch to your decor selection. Consider turning these prints into keepsake pictures that the bride can then use to decorate her home as she starts this new season in life.


Flowers are the quintessential bridal shower decoration. Any type of floral arrangement will help to create romantic and feminine energy, the perfect theme for a bridal shower. Kill two birds with one stone by using fresh flowers in bud vases for your table decor and then inviting the guests to take an arrangement home as a parting gift.

You can also choose to use faux flower arrangements. Going this route will allow you to re-use the decor for another occasion. If you choose the same colors as the wedding, you may be able to incorporate your bridal decor into some part of the ceremony or reception. Flower garlands are also one of the hottest trends in all things wedding decor.

Photo Backdrop

There is a good chance that you are going to want to take lots of pictures during the event honoring the bride. Make these pictures stand out by working in a photo backdrop with your decor items. It is a good idea to design a backdrop that complements the theme of the shower.

In addition to the backdrop, consider gathering some fun props for the guests to use as they pose for pictures. The bride will treasure these special keepsakes with her friends and family. Sharing the pictures will also help to build excitement for the big day ahead.

These five ideas will serve as inspiration as you begin planning this bridal shower. Regardless of your style or budget, these ideas will provide a great jumping-off point as you brainstorm ways to decorate for this event.

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