5 Myths about Virtual Mobile Number

 5 Myths about Virtual Mobile Number

No matter which business you are running, communication is a must to define your business’s success. In this remote working environment and fast-moving marketplace, your brand must be able to connect with customers, clients, or business partners located globally in a perfect manner.

To give a proper voice to your business, it should have a proper text or voice-based communication system in place to stand out from your competitors. Virtual numbers for business are considered one of the best ways to connect with clients and streamline customer or workplace communication. Virtual numbers are cloud-based mobile numbers.

But still, many businesses become more cautious when they must choose a virtual mobile number. There are few misconceptions when it comes to choosing the virtual number for their business. Today we have brought this article to discuss the myths that may seem to be holding your business back. So, let us discuss some of the biggest myths about virtual numbers.

5 Myths about Virtual Numbers

Myth 1: Virtual numbers are not 10-digit long

Fact: Cloud-based virtual mobile numbers that can enable businesses to place outbound calls for the customers are 10 digits long. As a result, the numbers can improve the call pick ratio, which can, in turn, improve the ROI and lead generation. All features of IP calls can be availed through virtual numbers and offer unified communication.

Myth 2: Virtual numbers are expensive

Fact: Virtual phone numbers are scalable and affordable and therefore ideal for businesses. Some of the companies that offer voice products also offer a free trial for virtual mobile numbers. These CLI can also improve the call-pick ratio. Agents can also manage their calls and do not have to spend an extra amount on setting up their virtual mobile number. In the long run, the companies can save a big amount by availing themselves of the beneficial calling packages to make local and long-distance calls.

Myth 3: Virtual numbers can’t be integrated with CRM and API

Fact: Virtual mobile numbers come with properly customized APIs and can be integrated with existing CRM as well. It gives the users freedom to get integrated with existing business tools and APIs. The phone numbers offer the classic calling features and some unique features to get connected with commonly used business APIs and CRM. The numbers can be clubbed with multiple users and existing services like outbound calls, missed call solutions, and IVR solutions.

Myth 4: Virtual numbers can reduce call quality and reliability

With good virtual number providers, quality isn’t an issue. Cloud-based numbers or these virtual numbers can improve call quality and are much more reliable as well. They are capable of delivering effective and reliable service through increased bandwidth. 

Myth 5: Virtual phone numbers calls can’t be recorded

Fact: Virtual phone number calls are router enabled. These calls can be easily recorded and thus can be used for internal staff training purposes. The calls also support multiple languages and are compatible with multilingual IVR support. However, the intelligent routing feature enables the agents to connect with the customers without losing their identity. The voice calls can be recorded even during an ongoing call.


These days, many small, medium, or large size businesses are switching to 10-digit virtual mobile numbers. The reason behind this is the benefit offered by these numbers. Still, many businesses have several doubts or myths about these numbers and do not want to adopt them. You can try some products offered by reputed brands like Knowlarity to ease the task. Calling can now be made more easily and conveniently through virtual mobile phone numbers.


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