5 Natural Hair Loss Remedies

 5 Natural Hair Loss Remedies

Hair loss is a struggle that many people deal with. Not to mention that there are so many different types. The first hair loss remedy people turn to is usually medication, such as minoxidil. However, medical based hair loss treatments are not always the answer. They can include negative side effects such as a dry scalp and hair, chemical burns, or even depression. Luckily, there is a much healthier alternative. Here are five natural hair loss remedies that anyone can use. 

How Does Hair Loss Happen?

Hair loss is a result of many different factors. For example, it could be a side effect of a medication, aftermath of a sickness such as Covid-19, or your normal pattern baldness. The main cause of hair loss is a hormone called DHT. 

When testosterone interacts with a 5 AR enzyme, it converts to DHT. DHT builds up around the hair follicles and causes inflammation, which causes the follicles to become week and eventually die out. Once a hair follicle dies completely, it can never grow hair again. Therefore, it is important to be pro active and tackle hair loss at the source, which is exactly what Actiiv’s Recover system does.  

Natural Hair Loss Remedies

Natural Hair Loss Shampoo

There are so many natural hair loss remedies, but we recommend starting with a natural hair loss shampoo. Actiiv Recover is a two-step shampoo and conditioner treatment. It targets hair loss at the source: DHT infested hair follicles. 

Recover utilizes a unique green tea delivery system to reach the deepest layer of the hair follicle. This allows Actiiv’s signature nutraceutical ingredients to cleanse the follicle of DHT and protect against future DHT buildup for 48 hours. Recover is also infused with amino acids that strengthens the hair structure and promotes new hair growth.

It is important to use Recover every other day, since it protects against DHT for up to 48 hours. Applying the shampoo every other day, and letting it sit for 5 full minutes promotes the best results.

The best part, is that Actiiv Recover is perfect for anyone struggling with hair loss, or wanting to prevent hair loss from happening. Esspecially those who have tried other hair loss remedies that didn’t work for them. 

Choosing The Right Conditioner

Choosing the right conditioner is just as important as shampoo. Recover Conditioner is aloe based, which provides hydration and is key to thicker fuller hair. Unlike most conditioners, Actiiv conditioners should be applied to your scalp. Applying it to your scalp all the way to the ends helps by soothing any existing scalp irritation or inflammation. This also adds shine to your hair and encourages faster hair growth and healthy, hydrated hair. Not to mention, the conditioner is responsible for 20% of the results! 

Hair loss

Scalp Health

Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. Using products such as the natural hair loss shampoo and conditioner mentioned above promptes a healthy scalp and leads to better hair growth. Along with these products, massaging the scalp is a very easy and natural hair loss remedy. Using a scalp massager stimulates hair growth by increasing blood flow to hair follicles. It also allows for thicker hair growth by cleansing the scalp of product build up, dead skin, and dandruff. This way, hair follicles don’t get clogged. 

Eating a Healthy Diet

Staying hydrated and eating a nutrient rich diet is so important for hair growth. Drinking water seems to be the answer to everything! Not only does dehydration slow the growth process, but excess sweating can clog hair follicles. 

Eating a balanced diet is just as important. Incorporating nutrient rich foods into your diet, such as berries, nuts, vegetables, and healthy fats is known to increase hair growth. You can also take supplements that promote hair growth including biotin, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B12. 

Protection From the Sun

UV rays are incredibly damaging to the hair and scalp. They can cause everything from dry brittle hair, to hair thinning and loss. Using an SPF made specifically for the scalp and hair, such as Actiiv’s SPF 30, is an easy way to target these issues. Actiiv’s SPF 30 was formulated to give optimal protection against UV rays, as well as encourage hair growth. It even has some of the DHT fighting ingredients that the shampoo and conditioner have. 

In conclusion, natural hair loss remedies are a great alternative to medical based treatments. Making slight changes in your every day routine from using a natural hair loss shampoo to eating a healthy diet can promote hair growth.  

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