5 Organic Ways to Help With Anxiety

 5 Organic Ways to Help With Anxiety

Anxiety is a common mental disorder that can range from mild to severe. It affects people of all ages and backgrounds, but the most common form of anxiety is social anxiety. It is fundamental to understand at least 5 Organic Ways to help with anxiety. Such understanding will help you live free from high levels of stress and worry.

1) Exercise

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress, anxiety and boost self-esteem. Exercise not only helps you physically but also promotes emotional well-being. If you are too anxious or stressed, go for a run in the morning or evening. Also, try doing some yoga stretches. There are plenty of online videos that can help with your form, so all you have to do is click play. Try it out before bed if you find yourself having difficulty getting good sleep.

Exercise can be performed pretty much anywhere – at home, the gym, or your local park. You don’t need any equipment to start exercising either. All that’s required is your availability and some discipline. All it takes is 30 minutes of dedicated exercise most days of the week to reap its benefits.

2) Meditation

Meditation is a great way to relieve anxiety and reduce stress. The goal of meditation is not to clear the mind but instead to focus on one thought at a time to achieve clarity and peace of mind. It can be as simple as sitting quietly for 15 minutes with your eyes closed. Ensure that you do not focus on anything more than breathing slowly and deeply through your nose.

This may feel uncomfortable or hard at the beginning, but you must not give up. With practice comes ease, so try meditating every day until it becomes easier over time. Meditation will help increase serotonin levels responsible for happiness and contentment. This makes you less susceptible to negative thoughts such as worry. Research shows that people who engage in regular meditation are more likely to feel calm and control their emotions.

3) Breathing

Breathing techniques are great to deal with stress and anxiety. Like meditation, breathing help you develop a sense of self-awareness. It also assists in decreasing negative thoughts about yourself. This is particularly useful when your mind starts to go into overdrive and starts playing tricks on you. This is common when taking an exam, presenting, or even during conversations with colleagues at work. The idea behind breathing exercises is that we often forget to breathe correctly due to stress and worry. This makes us feel like we are out of control and anxious. There are plenty of online videos showing examples of deep breathing for it to become easier over time.

These are some of the tips of breathing exercises.

Inhale slowly through the nose until your lungs feel full, then exhale slowly through the mouth until all air is expelled. You can check out this article from Breathwrk to learn more about the differences of meditation and breathing exercises.

4) Yoga

Yoga is a fantastic workout because it combines both strength training with breathing techniques. This is an excellent way that can help reduce anxiety levels. It also requires little effort. If you cannot go for a run right now, then perform some sun salutations from YouTube. Yoga may feel uncomfortable or hard when starting, but you should not surrender. With practice comes ease, so try yoga every day until it becomes easier.

5) Eating Habits

If you have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or are simply feeling anxious on a day-to-day basis, then you must focus on your eating habits. Try cutting back on caffeine and alcohol as these can trigger anxiety symptoms. Smoking kits have an effect as it relaxes the body and help with anxiety and nausea, but many studies have found that marijuana has helped with stress and bad eating habits, so if over 21 this would be a good option to try. You can also try, some herbal tea (such as chamomile) which has calming effects to help reduce feelings of stress. It’s also recommended that, if possible, try snacking on fruit throughout the day. These foods supply our body with essential vitamins and minerals such as magnesium which helps promote relaxation.


Anxiety disorder is a severe mental disease that can affect the life of a person. Although the condition can be treated using a medication, the use of organic methods works wonders. If you are a victim of anxiety disorder, practicing these organic methods will help you to cope.

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