5 Reasons to Learn Pashto | Guide

 5 Reasons to Learn Pashto | Guide

A lot of people prefer English, French, Spanish, or Chinese as a second language to learn. There are reasons for them to do so, for instance, a lot of foreign countries have a requirement for you to have a good command of English for their visa policy. If you want to move to France or China you would have to learn French and Chinese Respectively.

Not the same but there are reasons for learning Pashto as well which are discussed below.

Job Opportunity

It is a mistaken belief that Pashto is one of Pakistan’s languages only that is not true, it is a second language in Afghanistan too. Learning Pashto can help you to get a job in the UN or one of its agencies. This is a great opportunity for those who have decided to learn Pashto.

 There are many developmental organizations and NGIOS that are working in both Pakistan and Afghanistan, just learning Pashto can let you earn a pretty handsome amount once you start speaking it with proficiency.

Cultural knowledge

When you have decided to learn Pashto and have actually started the learning process, you won’t only be learning the language only but also getting to know about the culture attached/related to that language as well. In learning the language, you will learn about the folk lore and every bit of culture.

Your language tutor will also help you out in connecting with the locals of that language as well, by doing so you will feel connected with the language and won’t feel left out. After some time, you will get attached to the language as well.

Improvement in Memory

Learning another language always helps to improve your memory and makes it strong. As whenever you have a conversation, your brain processes the conversation in both the languages but you speak the one that you want.

This is how learning Pashto can sharpen your mind and improve your memory. So, you should definitely try learning it when it is giving you so many benefits like increasing knowledge and sharpening your mind.

Improves Multitasking Ability

While learning Pashto your brain adapts to multitasking as you are already speaking a language but it starts to process a new one. Your brain adapts to multitasking.

The multitasking ability won’t only implement in the languages but on anything you want, you will just need some time. It also improves the normal functioning of the brain as well. So, you should definitely learn Pashto as it comes with such benefits and advantages for you.

Boosts Your Confidence Up

Learning Pashto can boost your confidence up because it is not ordinary to speak multiple languages and that makes you special. When you get a sense that you are not ordinary, it gives you a feeling of being special.

With boosted confidence, you can achieve a lot in life and gain success. Boosted confidence is a trait that not everyone has and it is one of the most required ones as well.


Learning a new language is for sure difficult but not impossible, you just need to give it time, patience, and practice and you will start speaking like it was a piece of cake to learn it. Everything seems difficult at the start, but once you have started it, it is an easy ride to the destination.

Learning Pashto can let you have countless benefits, you will realize them all once you have learned the language. So, why not give it a try? And learn something different, something special, and something that will make you feel special.

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