5 Reasons Your Business Should Use SMS Marketing

 5 Reasons Your Business Should Use SMS Marketing

Text messaging is a form of electronic communication that has been widely used across the globe for several decades. This form of relaying information, also known as SMS, has been positively embraced by societies far and wide. 

People have come to recognize and appreciate the impact of text messaging in their daily lives and business endeavors. This blog discusses why you should choose SMS as your preferred marketing tool as a business person.


As a focused business person who has outlined strategies to achieve the most out of your business, you will recognize that saving is among your business resolutions. Marketing your business is crucial, and you have to opt for the most cost-effective mode of marketing. Marketing is long-term, so you will need to find strategic and affordable ways to advertise your business and its offerings.

Many telecommunication companies provide numerous options to choose your most preferred texting platform considering your buying power. If you are a small-scale business owner, you might find out that communication costs significantly affect your returns. Therefore, choosing text messaging which is very cost-friendly as your marketing tool, will surely save you a significant amount of money.

Worldwide reach.

Text messages can reach anyone across the globe fast regardless of where they are and at any time. The only requirement is a reliable electronic device that can receive and transmit signals. 

Text messaging can increase your market base significantly through an SMS short code, considering that it can reach many people. An SMS short code is usually shorter than a standard phone number. Corporations use it to relay messages at a set measure. The interested customer only texts a keyword to the code to opt into the program. There are three types of short codes: common-use, dedicated, and vanity. Be sure to do thorough research on all three of these short codes to determine which one would be best for your business needs.

Gauges marketing efforts.

Many communications service providers are providing a delivery report on sent text messages. As a business person, you will need to know if your marketing campaign is successful and has reached as many people as possible.

A delivery report is crucial in determining your business`s next action. Suppose your messages were delivered successfully to the target groups and there is no significant change in the amounts of orders made. It would be best to consider looking more keenly at your quality of products and your potential customers` preferences.


The factor of time is vital in every successful business. Since marketing cannot be done away with in business, you have to select a time-efficient mode of marketing. Time plays a significant role, especially when trying to market your business and make the best use of your resources. Texting customers is much more efficient than making print ads or only selling your products and services through traditional door-to-door selling.

Text messaging is time-friendly since you will only be required to key in your information which takes less time than sending the text message. With a solid and reliable signal, your message will be delivered in no time.


Text messaging is personal, and when a customer offers you their phone number, you should use the opportunity wisely. Sparing some time to reach out to customers personally may mean a lot, and you might be on your way to acquiring loyal customers.

However, you should use the phone number professionally and do not cross the lines of communicating too much with customers. Constantly sending out texts related to your business can be overwhelming and annoying to customers. Try to only send texts when necessary. Nevertheless, texting your customers will capture their attention, and this will create a personal working relationship which is highly recommended.

The Bottom Line

There are numerous reasons why you can opt to use text messaging as your marketing tool besides the ones discussed above. The number of businesses using SMS as a form of communication is increasing, and you should take this opportunity to grow your business to greater heights.

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