Things to do in Abu Dhabi | Desert Safari dxb

 Things to do in Abu Dhabi | Desert Safari dxb

5 things to do in Abu Dhabi:

If you are thinking about the options we can do in Abu Dhabi, don’t worry that Abu Dhabi City will not have many tourist options. Here are some of the best things that everyone can enjoy during the trip to Abu Dhabi. Here is 5 things to do in Abu Dhabi.

• Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque:

Who doesn’t know the name of the Sheik Al Zayed Mosque? It doesn’t matter where you are. Suppose you like traveling and are interested in architects that are more beautiful than you have to hear this name. Without double hesitation, the SHEIKH Al Zayed Mosque is an important place in Abu Dhabi. The mosque is a beautiful combination of Macedonian marble cover.

Mosque proudly reflects the color of Mameluke, Ottoman, and the design of Fatimid, which is included as a masterpiece of Islamic architecture.

It took 20 years to complete this masterpiece and open it to the public in 2007. Guests can witness the fantastic art in the interior and exterior of the mosque.

• Emirates Palace Hotel – Epitome of Luxury:

Emirates Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi is a surprising milestone spellbinding that is seen for each person who is an adventure through the beautiful door.

Every favorite thing and creativity are shocking while happy to get a unique and wonderful experience. Get the quality of extravagance that fulfill each side of this peaceful paradise!

• Ferrari World:

This place is specially designed for all car racing fans. It is an amusement park that gives you an exciting experience of one formula race. Children can also enjoy and learn driving skills in GT junior tracking during an exciting experience.

Adrenaline junkies are waiting for you to everyone to ride the Ace Roller roller coaster. There is also a gorgeous collection of Ferrari cars.

• Jasmine Island:

This beautiful artificial island has nothing less than luxury and comfort with the perfect picture of the beach.

You can spend the day and enjoy sunbathing in a quiet environment away from the busy routines of life. Other island features are YAS, YAS Marina Circuit for racing, and YAS department stores for shopping.

• Heritage Village Abu Dhabi – Discover the best history!

If you hope to travel to the old history and the brightness of the structure, it is not far more than Abu Dhabi’s heritage village located at the focal point of Abu Dhabi. Marvel is verified. Great to reveal

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