5 Things You Forget When Decorating Your Living Room

 5 Things You Forget When Decorating Your Living Room

With these tips, you prevent it from becoming a disjointed whole.

Do you finally want to tackle your living room? Then some extra help is not an unnecessary luxury. These five tips tell you where to start and what not to overlook when decorating your (new) living room.

1. White? Think again!

The color of the walls determines the atmosphere in any room. White is a safe choice and can be stylish, but in many interiors it quickly looks dull and uninviting. A beautiful color — even if it is a neutral shade — immediately makes the living room much more atmospheric.

Do you want something different than usual? Then choose wallpaper with a beautiful print! This also makes it very easy to optically divide a room into different areas. For example, choose a narrow strip of wallpaper at the dining table to separate the living room from the dining room.

2. Use the space

A living room often seems large, until you place furniture in it. Place them strategically: keep them spacious by working with elongated furniture, place furniture at a sufficient distance from doors, and do not overcrowd the living room.

Avoid large furniture in a small space? It was not! Use one large piece of furniture instead of several small ones to maintain peace of mind. In addition, avoid too much clutter and knick-knacks in plain sight. So make sure you have enough storage space: a narrow chest of drawers or a nice wall rack offers a solution and also looks nice.

3. Make a well-thought-out lighting plan

We don’t want to kick open doors, but good lighting in the living room is a must. Making a well-thought-out lighting plan is forgotten. Distinguish between functional, basic, and atmospheric light and determine in advance whether there are enough sockets.

First, map out the space with all the objects and think about the function(s) of your living room. Would you like to be able to read, work or just relax? Then you determine the type of lighting and look for the right lamps. Don’t forget dimmers, with which you can easily create an atmosphere.

4. Choose the right plants

Plants do wonders for a living room; they instantly give atmosphere and purify the air. However, not every plant can be everywhere. Think carefully about where you want to plant and choose plants that are suitable for this place. Do they want full sun or rather more shade? Use a nice plant stand or handy side table to put the plant in the right light.

5. Create unity

An item that is sometimes saved or even skipped is the rugs. In order to create unity, it is wise to immediately include this in the overall picture. Choose a nice rug that is large enough so that the front legs of each piece of furniture from the sitting area fit on the rug. Uncertain about the size? Put some newspapers on the floor to see the effect.

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