5 Tips for Improving a Senior Living Sales Experience

Most salespersons are accustomed to focusing on showing the value of their product to the customer. However, with senior living communities, this approach is not recommended. To make sales, you should focus on providing support and guiding your client to get what suits them the best.

Listening is what will differentiate senior living sellers from others. These seniors want to leave a normal life as they work towards a heritage for their dependants. Listening will unlock legacy learning, which will help you better understand your client. As you listen, pay attention to their friends and families as their contribution will shape your sales tactic. These tips will help you enhance your senior living sales experience.

Engage with Legacy-Building Questions

There is no better way to understand your client than having them tell their story. While some senior residents are proud of their milestones, others will regret their mistakes. Thus don’t generalize their needs just because they are all the same age. Encourage each to tell their story by asking legacy-building questions. Know what is important to them, their past success, their milestones in careers, what they hold most dear, and most importantly, their motivation. These questions will help you know what kind of neighborhood will suit them best.

Pay Attention

To succeed in senior living marketing, you must be attentive. As you ask questions, don’t just listen; pay attention. Show interest by asking follow-up questions and contribute to the conversation by commenting positively on their achievements. It’s important to note down the highlights of their lives. Also, ensure you listen to understand their goals and objectives in life. Making notes gives you future references on handling your customer if they become your residents.

Be Empathic

The goal here is to establish a connection with the client. Show them you care by clearly understanding their story. Be aware of their feelings, their fears, and what they have lost. Also, share in the joy of their success and encourage them to embrace their mistakes. If you happen to have common interests, let them know as you contribute to the conversation.

Ask the Tough Questions

After establishing a connection, it’s time to ask sensitive questions. Ask your client about their health, their regrets, and what they hope to achieve. This is also a good time to ask about their budget and what they can afford. This information will assist you in understandiing the kind of senior living community they require.

Stand out from the others.

Most senior residents will visit several communities before they settle on one. To encourage them to settle on yours, ensure you follow up. You can send them a gift that corresponds to their interests or a simple message highlighting something they asked for or your specifications.

The legacy learning route of selling senior living isn’t easy. However, it’s the best way to understand your client and establish a connection with them. The connection serves as a basis for you to show them what you have to offer without bombarding them with sales jargon. Therefore your client already feels at home even before they sign those papers.  

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