5 Tips to Begin Your Web Video Production

 5 Tips to Begin Your Web Video Production

With the explosion of social media and the growing popularity of web video, it only makes sense that these two internet devices meld together to create the ultimate marketing tool? The videos now have the ability to take a life of their own and spread far and wide across the web browsing community through these social media websites with any sort of subject matter. Videos come with a number of benefits, aside from the ability to achieve viral status, they are also low cost, allow the communication of a large quantity of information in a brief time, is far more preferable to view than for someone to read a wall of text on a website, as well as being able to create a human connection and effectively lending a face and personality to an otherwise bland message.

Unfortunately everyone thinks that they can produce a video, but producing a high-quality and effective video can be more challenging than some may understand. This is where the professional video production company comes in. While hiring a video production company can ease a lot of the energy that goes into these endeavors, there are still many decisions that will need to be made before filming can even begin. In order to create a production process that goes as smooth and painless as possible, here are five simple tips that can help guide the production phase to ensure everything goes as seamlessly as possible.

1. Identify and Play To the Audience
This concept is integral to the success of any marketing campaign. Without knowing your audience, you will not be able to develop an effective script or product that can play at the needs of the individual. Without knowing who you are playing to, the whole concept is a shot in the dark.

2. Style and Method
Before you make any detailed production plans, you must decide what type of video you need to make, where you want to film it, want what message you wish to convey. Figure this out first, will save you considerable time and effort later on because you won’t have to go back and refigure what you need.

3. Script and Rehearse
Never throw a web video together from scratch. This is a guaranteed recipe for failure. Without having a carefully scripted video or a rehearsal will only ensure that your video will read dry and flat, resulting in no personality for your website.

4. Short and Sweet
To extend the last point, when you are planning your video’s content, you will need to keep the material brief and simple. Making a video too long will wear out your viewer and will seem too monotonous and you run the risk of losing their attention for good.

5. Production Quality Crucial to Success
No matter whether or not the prior steps have been followed, it is the quality that makes or breaks the whole video. The first thing that is judged upon is the overall look how the video is made; whether its shaky, the lighting is off, or the audio is poor.This all affects if the audience will take a video seriously or not.

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