5 Tips to Make Gifts Look Amazing with Cardboard Packaging

 5 Tips to Make Gifts Look Amazing with Cardboard Packaging

Most people, if not daily, deal with boxes to some extent almost every day. So, we all must be familiar with these often rectangular or square containers that have lids as well. This includes even small boxes like Cigarette packs to large storage boxes, like the ones used to store machinery like washing machines or microwave ovens. These boxes are incredibly sturdy whilst being cheap which makes them the preferred form of storage boxes. So for this, we often use them for transporting and storing goods.

Different Types of Materials used and the Manufacturing Process

The most commonly used materials to make these storage containers are plastic, metal, and cardboard packaging. The importance of these boxes is spread throughout the whole globe and almost everyone has used or at least seen a cardboard box whether it is in households or in different industries. However the most used type of boxes are cardboard boxes.

Cardboard boxes assure their user that they are making the right decision for the planet because the process is very environmentally friendly. Its structure is made up of a wavy piece of paper, called the ‘fluke’ which is set between two straight lines. This unique construction gives the boxes their rigidity which enables them to withhold themselves in different circumstances. Manufacturers use water and starch to make this glue. This ensures that the cardboard packaging perfect as a type of storage to store food as the glue is also organic and thus harmless. After the cardboard box works the cut-off pieces are ready for recycling. This process leaves very little waste which is why it can be said that the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly.

Plastic containers are manufactured by pouring molten plastic into moulds of certain shapes and sizes and then left to cool. This simple and cheap process produces very tough containers. Metal Boxes production follows a similar process as they get different shapes by pouring them into those cut-outs.

Make better box usability with Customized Packaging

One part of these cardboard packaging storage boxes that speaks volumes is the fact that they can be customized. These customized boxes have proven to be very beneficial to our modern society. Nowadays, you can see these boxes for the packaging of various objects. The rise in online consumers has increased the rate at which online businesses have operated so they now rely on the aesthetics of their products to attract any potential customers. This has packaging included in it as well.

Packaging and presentation are proven to enhance the overall look of the product; hence customers prefer these products more and buy them. However, for businesses that have just started, it might prove difficult to make or find custom cardboard packaging. This can be the reason why there has been an increase in the openings of online businesses that manufacture boxes and provide them to their customers.

How to make gifts more special using innovative packaging?

One of the things which make gifts special to the giver and the receiver is the ‘thought’ behind it all. While looking or even making a gift for a loved one, we usually want to prepare things that the receiver loves. Or something special to them, or both parties. This makes the gift even more meaningful and precious. However, the gift must look nice as well. So here are some ways which can make a gift you want to give to a loved one more special while making it look prettier!

Decorate it yourself

Nothing can make a gift more personalized than something which has been decorated by the giver itself. It speaks of the time that the giver willingly spent crafting a good present for the happiness of the receiver. But how can one decorate a gift box if you’re not all for that arts and craft life? Simple, you stay on the safer side. A good idea for that can be to go for a minimalist aesthetic. Like, using accessories like ribbons and wrapping paper. This provides a rather luxurious or elegant look to the box which makes it look good to the eye but also makes the receiver (and everyone else in the room as well) anticipate what’s inside the box.


A gift’s emotional value increases drastically when there is personalization. This includes little notes on the top or inside of the box. You can write these notes on the box or stick them on the box to make different designs. This would give the giver a chance to express their feelings to the receiver and what better way to do it than noting it down!


Birthday pop-ups are quite common. Because what is a better way to tell someone that you love them than bombard them with pop-ups exclaiming that love? This makes for a surprise and a decoration all at once because the receiver would be unsuspecting of the contents inside.

Customizable gift boxes

Many people now prefer to get customizable gift boxes from online manufacturers directly. The reason they are so famous is that one can get messages and images printed on these customized boxes. This makes them more personal and all the more special too! You can customize these boxes to give a look that is more elegant and luxurious or bold and funky. They’re also quite easy to get with the desired look you have in your mind coming to life. Many people print images and jokes which make the gift all the more special to both the people!

The shape of the box

One of the things which make a gift box really stand out is its shape. Different shapes and sizes give off different aesthetics which has a big effect on how the box will affect the receiver. So this, you should do with a lot of care. For example, pillow boxes are elegant and work great for smaller gifts. One just has to find the right box!

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