5 Types of Mint Plants to Grow in Your Garden

 5 Types of Mint Plants to Grow in Your Garden


Do you want to grow your mint plants?

Mint is a wonderful plant that can be used for cooking, tea, and even medicine. There are many types of mind plants that you can grow in your garden. Some have beautiful flowers while others have unique leaves or scents. They’re easy to care for and will provide years of enjoyment!

If you don’t know where to start, we recommend growing peppermint or chocolate mint since they’re the most popular varieties of mint plants. You might also consider growing spearmint if you like its scent and taste better than peppermint. It has a sweeter flavor but it still packs the same punch as other kinds of mints when it comes to health benefits.

Ultimately, there are many different types of mint that you can grow in your garden. It comes down to preference. Keep reading to discover our top 5 types of mint plants to grow in your garden.

1. Apple Mint

Apple Mint is an extremely fragrant cultivar that is great for use in teas. It has a light apple scent and produces white flowers, which are also edible.

2- Catnip Mint

Catnip mint contains nepetalactone, an oil with sedative properties. The big difference between catnip mint and other mint plants is the lack of flavor on this plant’s part, making it better suited as a day bed than an addition to your favorite recipes.

3- Curly Mint

Curly mint leaves are soft enough to be used as wrappers for food items, such as dumplings. They are commonly used for certain types of sushi rolls where the leaves provide both taste and decoration value.

4- Lavender Mint

If you’re looking for a mint plant that adds color and texture to your garden, lavender mint is the one for you. They have beautiful purple stems and leaves, and their aromatic scent makes them a great choice if you want to repel pesky insects from your garden.

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5- Peppermint

Another type of mint plant that is well known for its use in various food recipes and mint tea, peppermint brings much-desired flavor to desserts like chocolate-covered ice cream bars or puddings. It’s easy to see why these mint leaves were chosen as one essential to the winter holiday season.

Want to Know More About Types of Mint Plants?

If you’re looking for a new hobby this summer, consider planting these types of mind plants. Mint plants are easy to grow and maintain (you can even put them in pots!), as well as being versatile enough that they don’t need constant attention.

In addition to the five types of mind listed here, there’s also square stem spearmint – which is great for making desserts with!

All it takes is a little bit of time and patience from your side to reap the benefits these plants will provide for years on end. Make sure you check out our blog for more articles like this to help you conquer your garden.



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