5 Ways AUGMENTED DATA MANAGEMENT (ADM) Will Help You Get More Business

 5 Ways AUGMENTED DATA MANAGEMENT (ADM) Will Help You Get More Business

As more and more of our day-to-day activities move online, developing new sources of revenue becomes harder. However, the rewards are bigger than ever. The reality is that your firm may be missing out on business if you aren’t engaging in modern forms of marketing. For small to mid-sized law firms especially, an ARD program can provide a major boost when it comes to generating referrals from other attorneys.

Here are Benefits of Augmented Data Management:

Developing a Unique Competitive Edge

ARD will help you stand out from the crowd by creating a unique “hook” that distinguishes you from all your competitors in your area. Firms need their own distinctive way to attract potential clients with something they’ve never seen before – using digital content in new ways helps make this happen.

Enhancing Your Firm’s Branding & Awareness

For law firms, branding is critical to success. Once you’ve established a reputation for quality of service, ARD will help keep the firm at the forefront of people’s minds and ensure that they remember why they made their initial choice in hiring you. As more individuals seek out legal representation online, your “hook” becomes especially important as it helps draw clients in.

Creating Opportunities for New Business Development

One question potential clients ask themselves when considering new representation is whether or not to switch firms. While many lawyers offer very similar services (even down to charging roughly the same prices), having an ARD strategy shows these individuals that your practice is unique and stands out from all other options. Make your website stand out from the pack by adding engaging content that showcases the qualities of your firm.

Enhancing Your Online Presence & Reputation

Whether using LinkedIn, Google+, Webmaster Tools or some other platform, ARD is among one of the most effective tools for increasing online exposure and reputation. The more prominently you rank on search engines like Google, the greater your chances of capturing new business opportunities. You can even work to create an organic viral effect at no extra cost!

Improving SEO & Getting More Traffic to Site(s)

ARD enhancements are proven to improve all aspects of SEO; not only will they boost rankings but they’ll also improve visitor engagement on-site. While some social media platforms may offer robust analytics on their own, the truth is that on average they’re far less effective than Google Analytics. If you really want to track results, ADM helps make this happen with ease.

Creating Content That Delivers Results

When it comes to digital marketing, most law firms fail because they simply don’t understand how to get at what’s needed or how to present it in a way that people will respond to. By applying ARD principles and adding fresh content that appeals directly to your target audience, you can boost conversions exponentially.

Other Benefits of Augmented Data Management


Developing new online assets like blogs, videos and press releases can help you get more exposure on search engines, social media sites and other platforms.


Are you spending a huge amount of money to create online assets but aren’t getting anything back in return? ARD is the answer to converting this into a profit center by developing new revenue sources that go beyond traditional advertising/marketing.


By adding compelling digital content that gives individuals “real value” for their time, you’re also able to reduce client response times. This leads to even more business from satisfied clients as well as from those who heard from others about your performance!


The ideal solution for any law firm that wants to grow its business is our new book, “The Digital Law Firm”. Written by industry expert Terry Cutler, an attorney who has delivered web content and digital strategies for some of the world’s largest organizations (including Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and hundreds more), this guide provides sound advice on using ARD principles to boost your practice.


Although Augmented Reality is not a new concept, it’s still developing and will be a strong force in the future of the legal industry. By taking advantage of this technology you can help ensure your “digital firm” will continue to grow.

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