5 Ways To Clean Leather Upholstery

 5 Ways To Clean Leather Upholstery

The Best Tips For Getting Rid Of Dirt And Germs

Vacuum the seats

Follow up by using a clean cloth to wipe down the seat. Using a microfiber or fabric softener-based duster, wipe down the leather, and clean underneath. Work the cleaner into the crevices. Remember to work it into the crevices so that the cleaners can reach the leather and remove dirt and bacteria. Use a leather conditioner Before staining or painting the leather, apply leather conditioner to the seats. Apply to leather by rubbing it in with the clean cloth. The conditioner will take the grimy look and smells away from the leather, and will condition it so that it will last longer. Remove stains with Oxiclean Oxiclean is a favorite stain remover for many, but is best used as a spot treatment. The seat will need to be cleaned with the Oxiclean.

Apply cleaning solution

Remove the fabric covering from the seats and sit down on the seat. Be sure to clean your pants with a towel, or have a clean one handy. Spray away Using a rag or spray bottle, spray the seats. As you spray, you’ll notice dirt and debris fall to the floor. Use a squeegee to scrub the floor to get rid of dirt. Repeat a few times Repeat a few times, letting the soapy water do its work. Be sure to follow each wipe with a dry, clean rag to get the creases and crumbs out of the crevices. Remove stubborn stains An easy way to get hard to remove stains is to use a damp rag dipped in rubbing alcohol. Sprinkle a few drops of contact lens solution on the rag and wipe away any lingering dirt. The alcohol gets rid of the stain and the solution removes any stuck on water.

Protect your investment

Leather seats are expensive, and you don’t want them damaged by mold or mildew. If you’re replacing your leather seat with one from another vehicle, be sure to protect it by taping it to the floor and/or seat mount. Clean the fabric inside the seat with rubbing alcohol, followed by bleach and a paper towel. Let it dry completely and blot gently with a clean towel. Don’t be lazy While you can get away with half-assed cleaning, some cleaning is better than no cleaning. Your car seat is a hot mess, so it’s in your best interest to get it as clean as possible. Make it a few times a year so you don’t have to do it all in one session. Get help Most car repair shops are happy to vacuum and clean your car seat for you.

Leather conditioners

Spend a few minutes a week shaving off hair from the edge of your seats. It may take a few times, but this is a small price to pay for a stylish look.

Top 3 Ways For Leather Upholstery Cleaning:

1. Car wax Use a soft wax cloth or soft brush to make a smooth line on the car seat, and let it sit for five to 10 minutes.

2. Water-based cleaning solution Mix 1 tablespoon of dish detergent with 2 cups of water. Dip the cloth in the solution and rub all over the upholstery. Let the seat soak for a few minutes and then wipe dry with a clean cloth.

3. Coffee Scrub the cloth with coffee and warm water. Rub along the leather. You will then be able to wipe clean without making a mess. These simple tips will get you started cleaning your leather seat.

Protection from dirt and germs

Vinegar is another great household cleaner for leather seats. A mixture of one part vinegar to two parts water will be effective at removing dirt. All it takes is one load to clean your leather seats, making sure to spray the seat before using the solution. Make sure to dry the leather seats with a clean towel. However, vinegar won’t do the trick if there is significant dirt remaining. Cleaning with commercial leather cleaners is necessary. Once the cleaner is finished, you’ll need to protect the leather. Rubbing alcohol will keep the cleaner from damaging the leather. Protecting leather seats from stains Plastic cases are available to protect the leather from dirt and stains. However, for convenience, a plastic case is not always necessary.


The vacuum is a great way to remove dust and dirt from the leather, but it isn’t strong enough to remove stains, which is why the next step is to take the seat outside and blast it with high-pressure hot water for 20 minutes or so. This removes dirt and stains, and is stronger enough to even get rid of any tough stains you might not have removed yet. Remove the leather seat covers from the fabric of the seat, and scrub away any dirt. Dry it with a towel.


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