5 Ways to Keep the Fleas Away from Your Pet

 5 Ways to Keep the Fleas Away from Your Pet

No pet owner hears about fleas without flinching a bit. Those creatures are not only harmful to your beloved furry friend, but they are hard to get rid of. The following are five things you can do to keep fleas away from your pet.

1. Cleanliness Works

Clean your house as often as possible. This means cleaning the areas where your pet sleeps and anywhere else your pet likes to be.

Vacuuming and washing are what you can help keep your pet free of fleas. The idea is to remove these things if they find a way into your home. You should also give your pet a good wash regularly. If you don’t want to deal with this part, just take your pet in for grooming every so often.

2. Flea Collar

Another good idea is a flea collar. These collars are coated with solutions that should help keep fleas away. Now, it’s important to make sure the collar will be safe for your pet. Some are best suited for small animals or larger ones.

You should ask a vet for recommendations. To make things easier on yourself, consider the many benefits of pet insurance, such as preventive care. This will allow you to visit more regularly, and the professional can monitor your furry friend for collar reactions. This will keep your pet safer.

3. Lawn Care

Be sure to take care of your lawn. You’re doing this because fleas can find a way onto your lawn. It’s easier for them to stay if you don’t prune bushes regularly and your grass is overgrown.

Even fallen branches can make a great home for fleas. You want to make your lawn as anti-flea as possible. You could also consider using natural formulas in your yard that repel fleas. You can find these at your local hardware store. Make sure the solutions are safe for your pet. People take joy in lawn care, so maybe you’ll learn to enjoy this task after a while.

4. Good Combing

Every so often, you should give your pet a good combing using a comb for fleas. Your pet may not have any fleas at the moment, but that doesn’t matter. Doing this every so often will prevent infestations, just in case a flea gets in the fur or there are eggs in your pet’s fur.

Doing this regularly can keep fleas off of your pet. Grooming your pet regularly also prevents your pet from shedding too much, which is just a good bonus all pet owners love to hear. Keep a warm bucket of water nearby to drown those dreadful things should you find any while combing.

5. Spot-On Treatments

Talk to your vet about a spot-on treatment to keep these pests away. These treatments are usually administered by a vet so that they are done safely and should be applied monthly. This is recommended even if your pet doesn’t have any fleas.

The treatment helps to prevent an infestation and deal with one should your pet have fleas already. Some of these treatments can be applied at home, but talk to your vet before trying this and be sure to follow directions as they are given just to be safe.

Doing the things mentioned above to keep fleas away from your pet is a good start, but there’s much more you could do, like staying away from parks where grass and nature are allowed to grow wild. You may even want to bathe your pet whenever it has a playdate with another pet.

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