5 Ways to Support Your Team During Basketball Season

 5 Ways to Support Your Team During Basketball Season

The NBA basketball season runs from October through the winter into April. High school and college teams have slightly different schedules but play with the same tenacity and desire to win. With so many great teams and tournaments, it can be difficult to find the best way to rally for a favored team during all of their games. While sitting up and the stands or cheering from home, consider these five inspired ways to support your favorite basketball team.

Learn the team’s traditions

Basketball games often start with each team practicing their unique traditions that will help boost their morale and drive to win the game. Fans in the stands often chant along with these traditions to show support and rile up opposing fans on the opposite side of the court. You can show how much you care for your chosen team by learning more about their history and traditions. This devotion shows how much time and thought you’ve dedicated to their team and how you will always follow them no matter their winning or losing streaks.

Attend the games

Attending games may seem like a small way to support a team, but it’s actually one of the most significant. Showing up at each game, cheering for the team, and buying concessions and merchandise are some of the core ways fans can interact with beloved basketball teams. Before team social media accounts and worldwide tours, there were devoted fans in the stands cheering on the local teams as they beat back opposing forces and won tournaments. Attending games give teams a beneficial combination of financial and physical support. Watching the game from home also shows support through ratings and overall views.

Donate money

Devoted fans like you show support by physically being in the stands and also by purchasing merch. Basketball teams release clothes, balls, sports gear, water bottles, and more to loyal fans who want to use the same merch as the players. By buying merch and season tickets, you can support your team for the whole season. Physical presence at games in and out of state is key as well as spending money in a way that directly benefits the team. Buying directly from the team at games or from their website helps to give funds directly to the team without any money getting lost to third-party suppliers. Team merch is often at the best quality when bought from the team rather than used or replicated.

Wear team jerseys

You may have a favorite basketball team as well as a few key players. You may know all of their stats, preferences and follow them on social media for regular updates. Show your support by wearing jerseys with favored players’ names on the back to games and while running errands. Interact with the team and players on social media while representing team merchandise in pictures. Debate with other sports enthusiasts about their basketball teams of choice. If you’re a basketball fan, you should be just as bold as the game itself and represent your team as frequently and passionately as you dare. By representing the team while going to class, shopping, or walking around, more conversations can be started and more potential fans can begin watching.

Customize team merch

Basketball teams carry a great deal of merch to satisfy every fans’ needs. However, diehard fans may want to go the extra step of customized merch. You can get your own name on the team jersey, custom flags to wave and cheer with at games, and more that give you opportunities to show how much you really care. From putting your own name to your favorite player’s name on a jersey or water bottle, you have plenty of ways to customize team merch that can be used in everyday life.


Basketball fans have many options when deciding how to support a favored team. You can buy season tickets and sit in the stands for every game. You can also buy merch and find new ways to talk about your basketball team during your regular day. Support your favorite basketball team in one or all of the ways listed above to show your deep fan devotion and dedication.

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