5 Winter Flowers To Send This Brumal Season

 5 Winter Flowers To Send This Brumal Season

Snowdrops Flower

The best thing about flowers is that you have a world of varieties available at your hand. You can buy flowers according to the different occasions and preferences. You can even gift flowers according to their blooming seasons.

Similarly, this winter, you can choose from a plethora of seasonal flowers available in your locality. But the question is which one to choose from such a wide range.

Here we will mention the five best winter flowers ideal for gifting on any occasion and will surely win the receiver’s heart.

1. Snowdrops

They are also called Galanthus from the Greek language, meaning milk/snowlike. It signifies rebirth, hope, innocence, and sympathy. The snowdrop flowers come in only white color, making it extra special to gift.

One interesting story associated with it comes from Germany. According to folklores, when god asked flowers to gift their color to snow, all flowers refused to lend except for the snowdrops. Thus, they were granted permission to bloom first every year and thus called snowdrops.

2. Black tulips

They are famously known as the queen of the night. They are more of an eggplant color and just a dark hue similar to black. Black tulips have the opposite meaning then white ones and stand for crazy and passionate love.

They are a rare hybrid of tulips and cannot be easily found. The first-ever tulip to be cultivated was grown by E.H. Krelage and named ‘La Tulipe Noire’

3. Hellebores

There are 20 different species of these plants. Hellebores are also known as winter rose Christmas rose. They are even famous as the lenten rose because of their blooming during the Christian observance of Lent.

Hellebore flower comes in various colors, including red, yellow, pink, white, green, and purple. They are poisonous plants, so care must be taken not to ingest them and are mostly grown on the hillsides.

4. Pansies

Pansies are cute little flowers known for their charm and colors. The name pansy came from the French word ‘penser,’ meaning to ponder over something. Plus, in the victorian era, it was used as a secret sign to convey a message to someone that you are missing or thinking about them.

Thus, pansy flowers signify remembrance and loving thoughts, making them ideal for giving someone you adore. In addition, pansies come in a wide range of blue, red, violet, yellow, orange, and white.

5. English Primrose

The Latin word Primus means ‘first,’ stating that it is the first flower to blossom in the spring. They stand as a sign of youth and everlasting love. They come in different purple, pink, white, and blue shades with a common yellow-colored center.

Apart from its staggering beauty, it has various medicinal benefits too. For example, it is used in treating headaches and migraines.

6. The Glory of the Snow

The name is derived from the Greek word chiton, meaning snow and doxa, which means glory, thus also known as Chinodoxa. They come in blue color with a center in white color.

The bulbous plant can be used in various decorations and can be painted in home gardens.


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