6 Best Salesforce Alternatives for Small Businesses

 6 Best Salesforce Alternatives for Small Businesses

Browsing for the best salesforce alternative for your small businesses? Here is the guide that helps you do so. The SFA alternatives are software programs that provide assistance to many businesses to improve their sales process and deliver better customer experience with its automated tools and system. But before you jump to the alternatives, let’s first discuss what salesforce is and how it affects a business. 

What is salesforce?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management platform that helps in various business-related tasks such as commerce, sales, etc. The personalized marketing strategies of salesforce support a business to attract many buyers, provide unique shopping experiences and respond to customer support problems via an automated system. 

What is sales force automation?

Salesforce automation is software applications assisting in sales management. Moreover, it is an automated workflow to smoothly streamline the sales process and handle team performance, sales forecast, and business leads. 

The automated salesforce system helps a business save time spent on building customer relationships with the help of their custom apps and tools. The tools record all the stages involved in the sales process. 

Also, its Contact, Timeline, and Pipeline help track communication, create reminders and initiate inquiries for the same. So, with such great benefits in store, let’s move to SFA alternatives that can help you expand your small business. 

6 Best Salesforce Alternatives to support your small business-

Salesforce software is widely used by people searching for reliable marketing analytics to increase their revenue in a short period. Below are SFA alternatives ranked on top as per the viewer’s choice –

1. HubSpot 

HubSpot is a customer relationship management platform assisting internal teams, reporting growth opportunities, and pulling meaningful insights. The software combines the sales hub, marketing hub, CMS, and service hub with its available integrations to facilitate sales, service, and marketing. 

Many users suggest that it is an ideal software for all kinds of business. Often customer relationship management automates manual tasks like data entry and data updates to build remarkable customer experiences. 

The application is straightforward and does everything for you to improve your buyer’s journey. It synchronizes the communication held between you and the contact timeline’s user. Automating the process develops a single source of truth for all team members involved in the process, i.e., sales, marketing, and services. 

2. Active Campaign

Active Campaign is another CRM software that helps a business seeking to automate time-consuming tasks like email marketing, contact management, and lead prioritization. For example, the software automatically updates the contact data to provide the whole communication history between you and the customer in one go. 

It also helps you select which lead you should focus on more with the help of its automated lead scoring. The lead scoring optimizes segmentation and probability, which then assist you in identifying potential leads quickly. Moreover, the 350 tools offer to integrate your present sales tool with the software’s CRM to ease the overall process. 

3. ConvergeHub 

ConvergeHub is an efficient and effective CRM software that empowers its agents to enhance customer service with the help of its automated system. The users of ConvergeHub CRM suggest that it is the only software to provide an end-to-end application that supplies sales, marketing, billing, and support automation from an individual unified platform. 

The software provides engaging solutions for small businesses seeking to incorporate marketing, sales, and other services from its easy-to-use platform. In addition, it integrates with DocuSign’s e-signature with its customer engagement solutions for small businesses. 

Although apart from suggesting automated mailing documents, the software aims at strengthening customer documents directly in its software system. It helps the customers complete their transactions faster and receive better experiences simultaneously. 

4. Zoho

Zoho CRM software is a popular application, providing insights into sales metrics to small businesses. The AI-powered assistant, reporting dashboards, and lead management tools assist the software in completing its tasks quickly. When your sales team holds an online meeting for planning purposes, Zoho allows you to organise video calls, webinars, and other virtual meetings to interact directly from CRM. 

The software’s basic features allow a leisurely collaboration with the team inside the software system. It works on arranging questionaries, sharing reports, send updates of deals to every member present in the meeting. Not only this, but also it enables one to receive notifications when you interact with your potential customers to reach engaged leads. 

5. Pipedrive 

Pipedrive’s CRM software manages a business pipeline and delivers easy visualization simultaneously. The applications handle a deal in pipeline management and later customize them to tailor the unique sales cycle. Moreover, the deal pipeline enables easy designing and sharing of pipeline reports and goals with the sales team for better customer experiences. 

It synchronizes your mails with its Pipedrive to manage email communication and then stores records of the conversation in a single place with its 200 integrations. 

6. Salesflare 

The Salesflare platform collects leads from public sources via social media, published articles, email signatures, etc. The software tends to increase its capabilities by integrating with popular marketing tools. In addition, it holds easy-to-use dashboards to-do lists as part of building sales opportunities for small businesses. 

Final reflection

Henceforth, one can select various SFA alternatives to build various sales opportunities and provide better customer experiences in small businesses. These software and applications focus on empowering customer service and generating leads via their automated system. Therefore, any trader or businessman seeking to grow their business with a salesforce can easily choose from the above alternatives. 

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